3D Distributed announced the latest edition to their range of 3D printers this week with the Workhorse 3D printer.

3D distributed are a Houston based technology company who design and manufacture a range of 3D printers and 3D printer components. The company take great care in the quality and craftsmanship that goes into their 3D printers and they are always striving to produce the most high-tech equipment available on the market today.

Workhorse 3D Printer

The Workhorse 3D printer is a large format, open source 3D printer that has been designed and built specifically to produce high quality printing. In addition to the high quality the Workhorse 3D can also do so at speed without compromising on quality.

Maintaining 3D Print Quality

Maintaining the quality of 3D printing can be difficult when you need to work at speed. It can also be difficult when more weight needs to be applied to the gantry or carriage. Traditional 3D printers use a belt driven motion to move the carriage, whilst being able to produce 3D prints at high speed, do not cope well with increased weight on the carriage – and this tends to lower the quality of the 3D printing produced by the machine.

With the Workhorse 3D printer this issue is eliminated thanks to the fact that there is no drive belt system. Instead the Workhorse 3D uses a lead screw driven motion. This system uses a high helix pitch with multiple threads. Ultimately this means that even when the speed is increased or the weight on the carriage is increased, there is no drop in quality.

The Workhouse 3D printer has a wide range of applications and is ideally suited for printing in 3D with materials such as clay, chocolate, plastic pellet extrusion and other foods seeing as these materials tend to increase the weight on the carriage and can result in lower quality 3D prints when used with belt driven printers.

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As well as the Workhorse 3D printer, 3D Distributed have a range of other 3D printers and also supply 3D printing parts.

If you are looking for something that is not listed on their site, or have a bespoke project in mind, 3D Distributed can also work on your custom projects, build 3D printing units from the ground up and even modify your existing units.

If you need a reliable and large scale 3D printer then the Workhorse 3D printer is definitely one to consider, and if you need any other work done concerning 3D printing then there is no better place to go than 3D Distributed as they are leaders in their field.

You can find out more about the technology behind the Workhorse 3D printer, as well as the other 3D printers they have in stock and the other services the company offer by visiting the 3D Distributed website – https://www.3ddistributed.com/3d-printers.