Those who have experienced FFF 3D printers when developing a prototype for personal or commercial use have certainly encountered the common recurring phenomenon of high costs.

The high costs are due mainly to a recurring problem that raises the costs of raw materials, waiting times and sometimes require multiple prints of prototype due to inefficiency at work.

This article focuses on a problem common to FFF 3D printers, but the problem also exists in various types of 3D printers.

The problem is mainly due to lack of proper planning, making it difficult to predict the quantity of raw material needed to work, and creating a situation in which “we thought we had enough”, but in fact we were not able to complete even half of the project. As a result of that poor planning, we will need to print from the start or even wait 3 hours when a bobbin is replaced.

The Korean entrepreneur Mr. Han Sung Kim understood that he could solve this problem for all the users of FFF 3D printer. Over three years, he developed a brilliant invention that will serve us in the future with better quality.

Mr. Kim developed a special bobbin to fit the FFF 3D printer, after discovering that the problem lies in the second end of the filament that hides access in the bobbin.

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You will note that coils sold today have no access to the end of the filament and as such, the work often depends on luck. Under the new system, you can connect two bobbins or even more using a welder specially invented just for this purpose, without having to connect to electricity, batteries, temperature sensors and more.

The bobbin and filament that he developed is the first in the world and can fit the FFF 3D printer. In addition, you will not need a special printer for bobbins filament, and can continue to work with your FFF 3D printer, using low cost raw materials of higher quality.

Mr. Kim’s idea is to give direct access to the end of another filament in the bobbin, and then connect the two coils using nut and bolt plastic manufactured specifically for this method. This is then attached to the printer to continue the sequence of printing.

In fact you can connect several bobbins and choose different colors to create a uniform sequence when printing.

The welding of the filament with the other end from the bobbin is possible to perform while printing, before and after print, without having to wait for hours after replacement of the bobbin. You can utilize all available resources at your disposal while saving money and raw materials and, most importantly, protecting the environment.

Mr. Kim’s research data reveal that with this method, users can realize savings of hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year. All the packages include special kits with the bobbins, manual welder and even accessories.

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