WenHu app provides a fun and entertaining way to learn Chinese language and master Mandarin words. The education app is easy to use with a good layout and simple characters. It is an excellent teacher for those who are not only interested in learning the language but also need some fun with a good game.


The app developed by iOS is compatible with most iOS devices, ipad, iPhone and iPod touch. It has different learning platforms that enable people to learn Mandarin Chinese characters while enjoying themselves with a fun game play. The words are broken down into their simpler radicals to ease learning. The learning process is a gaming experience that gives you an opportunity to play with characters and the more you play the more you get used to the characters and improve your fluency and ranking. You unlock multiple achievements as you play with the timer clicking to aid your speed. The faster you pick your answers from the multiple choices provided the higher the global rankings you get. When you pick correct answers you earn more playing time while wrong answers reduces the time you have to play.


You get the best experiences from WenHu by engaging in three different gaming modes including the word challenge where you get to maximize the number of words played in a row, however, wrong answers ends the game. Time trialmode challenges you to beat the tickling clock with bonus time for correct answers and penalty for wrong answers. Practice mode works to improve your fluency and pace and the more you practice the more you improve. You have the freedom of choosing a suitable mode for you depending on your experience, pace and preference.

Performance and display option allows you to check your achievements and fluency rate hence motivating you in the process.

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Other features include phonetics and radicals that gives clue to word pronunciations and confer meanings respectively. There are also packages based on topics and a set of commonly used words.

Why it’s the best

WenHu app stands out from many educational apps out there with its catchy and easy to use graphics quickening your understanding. You have the ability to view your performance and compare with other learners globally and also a perfect background music that provides a conducive learning environment keeping you from boredom. So if you are eager to master the Chinese Mandarin language and characters, this app is the best way to excel in your performance and have fun at the same time without attending a classroom session.

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