Wireless connectivity enables us to stay connected to devices and people without the hassles of having to deal with clumsy wires and associated peripherals. It is safe to say that the world has done away with wires, well almost.

For over thirty five years, headphones came with a wire attached to connect to a music player. The preliminary design hadn’t undergone any significant change, until now. You can now buy some of the best Bluetooth headphones under 100 and experience the magic of wireless technology.

Top notch sound

In its initial days, wireless was associated with poor connectivity and poor sound. Today, with the advent of better technology, wireless headphones are on par with their wired counterparts and are capable of reproducing crisp sounds with ease. When you are working out, or running or even commuting in public transport, you can enjoy your favorite tunes, without having to deal with ugly headphone wires getting in your way. No more nightmares of tangled headphone wires either!

Variety of choices

Wireless headphones are catching up to speed with their wired counterparts, and you now have about just as many options. You can have your pick from handy, portable earphones to large, studio quality headphones and everything in between.

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Long lasting battery

One of the only complaints with Bluetooth headphones is the need to replace batteries very now and then. However, most of these headphones are equipped with lithium ion batteries, which make them chargeable using a detachable cable, just like you would charge almost any other electronic equipment these days. These headphones give off high quality sound and are good fun to have with you when you are commuting to work or travelling for pleasure.

Structurally sound

Modern wireless headphones are quite sturdy and are modeled after similar physical specifications as the wired headphones. Thus, a wireless noise cancellation headphone is just as effective as the wired one! The earmuffs cover your ears just as effectively, thus allowing you to enjoy your favorite music without any disturbances.

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