As more and more companies move their infrastructure into the cloud they are able to take advantage of much better hardware and much more stable connectivity.

As this is happening companies are also growing their IT infrastructure considerably – with such a stable system in place it is very easy to increase productivity, increase data storage and increase the amount that the data is accessed, modified and used.

This is fantastic for companies in terms of the productivity and accessibility that they can achieve but it also means that backing up the data is becoming a bigger task and quite often nightly backups are simply not sufficient any more.

This brings to the forefront a modern IT concept called data replication. Data replication basically involves keeping a mirrored copy of your data in real time or near to real time. You can think of it a bit like a RAID setup where you have data replicating from one hard drive to another, but instead of replicating between drives you can replicate your data between servers – even if they are located at different physical sites.

The enterprise infrastructure and bandwidth that has come with cloud computing has made real time data replication possible and software providers such as GuruSquad have put these concepts into action with their GS RichCopy 360 software.

With GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise replication of data from your production environment to your disaster recovery site becomes very easy and very efficient – thanks to byte level replication you can keep bandwidth usage to a minimum by transferring changes at the byte level rather than entire files.

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With this type of replication system in place it is no longer the case that you would have to restore from last night’s backup when you suffer from a system failure – not only can you have a “backup” that was taken far more recently but often there is no need even to restore that backup. In the event of a production system failure you can simply revert to your disaster recovery system, have your users access that copy of your data whilst you fix the problem with your production site. Then as soon as you are back up and running replicate the live copy of your data back to your production environment and continue as normal.

The best thing about the software from RichCopy 360 is that it is affordable – unlike some enterprise backup software GS RichCopy 360 Enterprise is reasonably priced with an enterprise licence starting at $129.00 (Normal price $179.00). This price is good for any backup software but when you consider that the features of GS RichCopy 360 are up there with the best backup solutions on the market this price is really pretty amazing.

You can find out more about GS RichCopy 360 enterprise and standard editions by visiting the GuruSquad website.