In the last couple of years the amount of applications running on cloud technologies has increased dramatically. There are two main reasons for this. First of all the average broadband speed is increasing for both residential users and businesses and this allows for a much richer experience to be delivered via the internet. This experience includes streaming high quality content such as videos and also includes the ability to stream applications over the Internet.

In addition there has also been an increase in the quality of cloud infrastructure that is being made available to developers. Companies such as Amazon are now offering enterprise level infrastructure and other on demand application platforms that can deliver unparalleled performance coupled with instant scalability. As if the quality of service wasn’t enough, these enterprise technologies are also being made available at prices that even lone developers can afford. This is largely thanks to the advent of software defined systems and technologies such as open stack that make the delivery of computing resources at any scale very efficient.

The technologies that are enabling cloud applications today are actually in their infancy as is the physical infrastructure that they are running on. Over the next couple of years as these technologies are further refined and as they are commoditised we are likely to see a further decrease in the cost of cloud infrastructure and thus an exponential increase in the amount of applications that are delivered by the cloud.

As these technologies are developed and average broadband speeds are increased alongside them it is likely that we will see everything from computer applications to the operating systems themselves delivered via the cloud and also as a service that can be switched on and off. This will further reduce the running costs of computer hardware and software and will allow the consumer to make much more use of the computing technologies that are available as there will be a much lower commitment. Instead any service that is available on the Internet will be deliverable on demand and only for the time required by the end user.