In order to succeed in todays competitive marketplace it is important to have as many outlets as possible for your products and services and having an online shop front is arguably one of the most important outlets of all.

More and more consumers now rely on being able to purchase goods and services online – consumers trust this medium, feel comfortable using it and enjoy the speed and convenience with which purchases can be made.

As ecommerce was starting to blossom getting started online was very difficult and there were some major barriers to entry – the cost and the logistics of setting up online were two of the main barriers along with the momentous task that was marketing an online store.

Today that has completely changed and building, launching and promoting an online shop has never been so easy. It has been made easy by the “as a service” ecommerce solutions that are now available.

One of the most functional and easy to configure online stores is Shopify which was recently featured as the number one shopping cart software.

Shopify takes care of the entire process of creating an online store front from the initial design of the site through to accepting payments.

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Shopify is extremely easy to use, intuitive and flexible and even has the facility for selling your products and services in person using the mobile app.

Shopify features hundreds of themes which can be customized as little or as much as required, shopping cart system, 70 payment gateways that you can integrate with and many other features including reporting, analytics and SEO services.

Shopify even has a 14 day free trial so there literally is no excuse – head over to the Shopify site today and give it a try.