When you are designing a website – no matter whether it is a simple business portal or something more complex such as an e-commerce website or perhaps even an online membership platform, one of the most difficult decisions is what back-end system to use – or in fact whether to design the entire back-end from scratch.

The reason it is such a difficult decision is because although there are lots of different systems out there – ranging from frameworks such as CodeIgniter and CMS (content management System) platforms such as WordPress – there very rarely seems to be a single platform that can cater for every aspect of the web project.

What tends to happen is a platform is chosen that covers most of the bases and then it has to be bolted onto with plugins, modules and sometimes custom code in order to make it do the remainder of things required by the original project specification.

Along came CloudNet360

cloudnet360That was a real world problem faced by many designers, web-masters and platform developers until CloudNet360 came along. Formerly known as Premium Web Cart, CloudNet360 is a fully fledged, dynamic and multi-functional web platform that contains everything that you need to accommodate even the most complex web projects.

A concept originally developed back in 2006 has grown and evolved to become the product it is today – leveraging years of experience, modifications and growth in functionality, bringing everything together as CloudNet 360, a product that will do everything required by your web project and most likely a little more.

Taking a quick dive under the bonnet, CloudNet360 is essentially a web management platform that has many different modules built into it for handling most of the common tasks associated with both commerce platforms and SaaS platforms (software as a service). There are literally hundreds of features ranging from shopping cart integration, to membership and download facilities and right on to the stuff of project management portals such as ticket system and live chat.

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In this article we are going to provide a quick overview and give a few details on just a selection of the features offered by CloudNet360, with a more detailed guide to several of the functionalities coming in the near future.

E-Commerce platform

Although its just one part of any website backend, e-commerce is an important part especially if you are selling products or services online. CloudNet360 has a comprehensive e-commerce module which includes shopping cart functionality, product management including the ability to add and manage product reviews, Google and ebay product feed, gift cards, coupons and even an abandoned cart saver allowing users to retrieve products they had added to the cart on a previous visit to the site.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

The e-commerce part of CloudNet360 is great, but its the build in CRM that really sets it aside from other online platforms. The build in CRM system is what really links the standard e-commerce platform to the rest of the modules and helps to form what is really a complete business management portal. The CRM module allows you to manage all of your customers including graphical management interface, wordpress integration and a complete email marketing solution that we will cover in more detail below.

Auto-responder integration

The auto-responder and email marketing modules are seriously impressive – in the same place that you have a bustling e-commerce platform you can also manage your newsletter marketing campaigns including easily building newsletters with ready to use templates, email campaign split testing, auto-responders for replying to new list members and you can even integrate with other popular email marketing services such as aweber, icontact and mail chimp.

Membership System

Membership sites and also restricted download sites are a great way to monetize your products and/or services but as with many other online services they are really dependent on a functional backend which is often hard to find. CloudNet360 has a membership system built in that can be easily deployed with minimal configuration.

Once you have CloudNet360 up and running you can easily set up a membership platform which includes user and billing management and even trial periods. With the system in palce you can support areas restricted to members only as well as restricted downloads – great if you are selling an ebook, premium newsletter or any other digital product.

Project Management

Aside from the great front-end functionality provided by CloudNet360, there are also backend facilities for helping to manage your team. At the forefront of which is a project management suite including recurring projects, task tracking, email notifications, ticket system and even calendar and event integration. With the project manager module you can easily create and track all of your team members across a multitude of projects whist keeping everything in order and fully audited. This is a fantastic addition to the other features, especially if you are managing and selling a service online because CloudNet360 gives you the ability to control the entire process from one portal – right from taking the order, to producing the work and right through to handling support requests from the end users.

Mobile apps

With just a few of the features highlighted you can see that CloudNet360 is a really comprehensive backend management system that can cater for all manner of web based ventures. What really brings everything together is the mobile applications that are also available with the suite allowing you to manage everything from order management and tracking, to CRM facilities, task management right through to project management from your mobile device(s) wherever you are in the world.

Affiliate management

The suite also has an affiliate management module allowing the creation of private affiliate programs, affiliate tracking, performance graphs and compliance management such as the generation and storing of W9 forms and VAT management. Once you have your online business running like clockwork with the help of CloudNet360 you can then expand your reach by opening it up to affiliates.


Considering all of the features available and the fact that you can literally manage your entire project from one portal, the pricing, done on a month or yearly basis, is very reasonable. Details of the pricing can be found here.

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cloudnet360 pricing

The thing that makes the pricing model very interesting is that once you sign up you can use the system on multiple websites which makes it a real bargain.

Tech support

With such a vast array of features and functionalities it would be scary to think that after purchasing this product you would be left on your own to handle everything. But that is simply not the case with CloudNet360 – all of the pricing plans come with technical support free of charge – meaning that any problems you have with the platform can be easily solved by opening up a support request.

Free 30 day trial

Still not convinced? Well thats no problem – you can avail of a completely free, no obligation trial for 30 days. With the trial you get full access to the entire suite so that you can see exactly how it performs and perhaps even start generating income from this system before you have even paid a penny.

If you are impressed with the trial after the 30 days, simply pick the package that you like and sign up.

To start your free 30 day trial click here.