For those of you that aren’t aware, SSL stands for secure sockets layer and it refers to a particular method of encryption that is used during Internet based transmissions in order to protect the contents of the transmission.

If you are a website owner or manager then it is very important to use SSL for transmissions – particularly so if you are running an e-commerce site where products are sold and financial details are submitted by users – the reason being that where very sensitive information is being processed its important that everything be encrypted to prevent infiltration.

Its also just as important on membership websites and other sites that hold sensitive information of any kind that belongs to its users and in fact even on sites that don’t hold sensitive information its still important for the security of the website.

It is also just as important to have an SSL certificate for your website. This is like a digital confirmation that is always displayed on your website and is there to let visitors know that you are using SSL for your communications and that you are a legitimate website and can be trusted.

SSL Bytes are a very reliable provider of such certificates. They offer several different plans depending on your exact requirements. Typically you get a greater amount of insurance with the premium plan and also get company validation and a green status bar which is an easy visual indicator to your visitors that you are a trusted website.

SSL Bytes provide 24/7 support for all of the certificates that they issue and they also have a site verification seal that you can publish on your website when you purchase a certificate from them which is another visual indicator to your visitors that you are running SSL and that all of the communications made whilst on your website are secure and safe.

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Benefits of using SSL on your website

One of the biggest benefits to using an SSL certificate on your website is the security that it brings to your visitors. Its not only the fact that it makes the website secure and therefor keeps your visitors information safe, its also the visitor simply knowing that fact that makes them much more likely to trust your website and feel comfortable using your products and services.

In addition to the security and safety for your website and your visitors, another lesser well known fact is that having an SSL certificate can also help with your websites ranking efforts. Google and other search engines are very security conscious and therefor any website that is known to be safe for its users is likely to get a boost in rankings as a result.

For Google in particular, there was actually a very interesting article published on their Google Webmaster Central blog some time back in regard to SSL certification, its importance on the web as a whole and also its position in the ranking algorithm. You can read the post here.

If you don’t already have an SSL certificate for your website, please visit SSL Bytes today and order one – for a small yearly fee it will give your website a far greater level of security, help your visitors to feel safe and secure whilst using your website and also perhaps give you a boost in your search engine positions.

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