Whether you are running a personal blog, a blossoming e-commerce platform or a website showcasing your business and services, its always good to get an idea of how well your website is doing.

For one thing it provides inspiration to continue developing the website, but it can also provide some real insight into where the site is excelling and perhaps also where it is struggling.

In fact, if you operate a website on a professional basis, it is absolutely key to understand every single aspect of your site, and to view it from every angle possible in order to constantly evaluate and improve the sites performance.

the Internet is a very fruitful marketplace, but it is also extremely competitive with very low barriers to entry for all of your competitors – not to mention that you are competing with businesses internationally. Because of those reasons, as a website owner you have to be constantly moving forward, otherwise you will sink backwards into oblivion.

key factors in valuing your website

Some website metrics are easy to establish and can give you a good indication of how well your site is doing. For example, if you track the visitors to your website then its easy to have an idea of how popular the site is – the more visitors you see each day the more popular you know that the site is becoming.

Revenue is another obvious metric – whether its sales or income from Google Adsense, its easy to equate those figures to success.

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But what about other metrics such as global traffic rank (From Alexa), pagerank, domain authority and hundreds of other metrics that aren’t easily accessible without some research?

And what about your competitors – you don’t have visitor tracking for their websites, or any other information for that matter, so how do you assess their success in order to establish where you are on the ladder, compared to them?

Website Valuation Tools

Thats where website valuation tools comes in. The website valuation tools has been build from the ground up by Celestial Networks and provides an all-in-one-place assessment of your website, or in fact any other website that you would like to take a statistical dive into.

The basic concept of website valuation tools is to use various means in order to measure many different metrics of a website, and then put them all together to give a real in depth view of any site, its current performance and an overall rating in various areas.

website valuation tools

The site also maintains charts for recent test results as well as leader boards from all of the sites tested by its users, stacked up in order of value.

Some of the key metrics that the site will check

Some of the key metrics checked by the site, and those that offer the most value and insight into a websites performance are:

Monetary Value

Based on all of the other metrics, website valuation tools produces an estimate of the monetary value of any site, giving a good indication of how profitable it is likely to be as well as how it stacks up against other sites.

Traffic and Indexing

An estimate of traffic stats is provided along with indexing status – how many pages it actually has in the search engines.

Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is a very important metric which calculates the global rank for any given site in terms of visitor numbers and several other user metrics – it is an external tool and takes data from tool-bars installed on browsers around the world so its a very valuable measure. Website valuation tools extrapolates data from Alexa and produces it along with the other metrics on their site report.

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Pagerank and Domain authority

These two stats on their own are priceless for measuring the success of any website. Page-rank is Google’s ranking algorithm and whilst its real time value is never known, the tool-bar page-rank, as its called, is published by Website valuation tools and this gives a very strong indication of how much favor the site has with the most popular search engine as well as how many quality sites are linking to it.

Domain authority is even more important and is a calculation done by a third party (Moz.com) that bases itself on similar metrics to Google’s Page-rank and has a goal of determining how popular a site really is.

they are just a few of the metrics provided by Website valuation tools. They also offer Social media metrics, DNS/ownership information as well as hosting details and everything is compiled into a nice readable report.

Test your site at Website valuation tools today and who knows, you might end up on the leader-board.