If you are looking for a 3g wifi router then you may be looking to share out your 3g connection with either another device that you own, or with other people.

You may also be looking to provide yourself with a backup 3g based connection in case your ordinary connection fails.

Depending on which of these situations you are in, you will need a different type of 3g wifi router.

Although technically both types of 3g wifi router would do a similar job, there are key differences and getting the right type will save you time, money and increase the functionality that you get from the device.

3g wifi router standalone

The most common type of 3g wifi router or sharing device is a standalone 3g wifi router. In reality, this type of device wouldn’t always be classed as a router – which is a device that transfers data between different networks.

There are two types of 3g wifi router devices that are available. The first is one that you plug in an existing 3g or 4g dongle to. This device is suitable for people that already have a 3g device and just want to share it out to other people, or to other devices without having to plug it in to each one.

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This type of device isnt technically a router, because all its really doing is adding wifi functionality to your existing 3g dongle (which sort of is a router in itself).

A good example of such as device would be the TP Link 3g Wireless N router available from ebuyer. Rmemeber that this deivce requires you to have a 3g USB dongle, and you must also ensure that the dongle you have allows sharing.

The second type of device is a 3g wireless router that has everything built in. In other words, with this device you don’t already need to have a 3g dongle. The device comes with the dongle built inside it.

3g wifi router

These devices will work straight out of the box and will allow you to connect to them via wireless and then avail of a 3g connection.

A good example of such a device would be the Alcatel OneTouch Link Y600 – 3G Mobile WiFi Router. This device is also available from ebuyer and costs £45.17 inc VAT.

These devices are technically routers, so the term 3g wireless router is correct.



3g wifi router combo

There is also another type of 3g wifi router that is less common, but just as useful in certain scenarios.

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3g wifi router can also refer to a traditional type of Internet router – one that you would use in your home or office to connect to  a standard broadband service such as ADSL of DSL.

The thing that makes tehse routers different to normal routers and that gives them the name 3g wifi router is that they also have teh capability to run a 3g (and sometimes 4g) dongle.

This sort of 3g wifi router would normally be used as a failsafe device. The router would be connected to a standard broadband service for ordinary use, but would also be connected with a 3g or 4g USB dongle providing 3g/4g Internet when required.

3g wifi router by billion

3G wifi Router by Billion – Available from Ebuyer.com


The obvious advantage or requirement for this type of 3g wifi router would be in a situation where Internet up time is extremely important – or perhaps even just in a situation where the primary Internet source often becomes unavailable.

Should the primary internet go down, the router can then fail over onto the 3g Internet connection and thus provide continued internet to connected devices despite the primary source being unavailable.

Of course this 3g wifi router could make those provisions via wireless as well as hard wired connection.

This device is also available from Ebuyer.com and costs £113 inc VAT.