Nowadays interactive whiteboards have become rather important parts of the educational process in the Singapore. These are also known as smart boards in order to recognize the company, which can be given majority of the credit for developing and producing these. Interactive whiteboards can be found in both physical stores as well as on the internet. However, the question that comes over here is how one can buy the best available product. This is a major issue, especially for the ones who are uninitiated. The situation is made tougher by companies, all of which claim to be the best in the business. People who do not know better are more than likely to believe them and buy their products. There is always the possibility that later on it might not be as good as they would have hoped.

Problems that teachers face

There are problems that a lot of teachers face as well. Due to the high claims of various brands dealing in digital whiteboards it becomes really hard for them to come to a decision as well. In most of the schools it is the responsibility of the teachers to use the funds allocated for such purchases and this is why the task appears to be even more onerous than it already is.

Interactive whiteboard guide is available when you purchase from the vendor. The vendor will sometime give training to the school’s teachers, so as to make it easy for the teachers to pick the skill up.

A few suggestions that can help

However, if teachers or other people looking to buy an interactive whiteboard keep a few things in mind there is no reason why buying one should be such a problem. The first thing that one needs to take into account is the reason for which the device is being bought. This will help you decide if you have the appropriate whiteboard for your subject – the one being taught by you – in the market. It is important that the whiteboard being used gels with the subject that you are teaching.

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Costs of critical devices

A digital whiteboard comes with several associated devices that are very essential to its functioning such as an electronic pen. You need to know how costly these are and what are the chances that if they get damaged or lost there will be a quick replacement from the store that sold you the board. You can also ask the service provider if there are any alternatives to such devices like a pointer or just your fingers for example.

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The question of compatibility

As has been said already this is a very important thing to keep in mind while buying interactive whiteboards. These normally come in a wide variety of sizes and the features here are different as well. Your choice should ideally be guided by your requirements. Normally, every interactive whiteboard will support touch and pen inputs, but ones that are available for schools are incompatible with smartphones. They are also unable to operate business software that would be running in whiteboards that are meant to be used by companies.

Content interaction

One of the major features to look for in a digital whiteboard is interactivity, which is important to keep the audience completely hooked. This is done by using one’s fingers, pointers, or pens to draw attention to specific parts of the content, highlight them, or click on the hyperlinks to move to new parts. One can also play, extract, or pause clips from the audiovisual content being presented to the audience in attendance.


This is an important part of the buying process. Normally all interactive whiteboards have a general software, which serves many purposes at the same time. This software is used to interact with the content that is being projected on the smart board’s screen. However, it is always better to have software that is specific to your needs.

Saving, printing and sharing

Using a digital whiteboard means that you do not need to take notes. During a lecture or presentation, as you go on adding content to the existing one, you should be able to save it on the page by just pressing a button. It is also important that the whiteboard is able to send copies of the final version of a lecture or lesson to the students through email. It should also have the capability to be connected to printers so that hard copies of the same can be sent, and it should be able to connect wirelessly to the mobile devices being used by the intended beneficiaries.

Interconnectivity and device support

It is also important that an interactive whiteboard is able to draw content from connected surrounding devices such as flash drives, camcorders, and cameras. In most whiteboards you would find USB ports that serve this particular purpose. In addition, a smart board should also be able to hook onto a local network and become online so that it can enable remote participation or help people gather more information.