Bing search is a great search engine but it is often over looked. The most common search engine and the one that most people are familiar with is of course Google.

Google is a very lightweight search engine. It looks very basic and it just does the job. Google have very complex algorithms that have been built up over years and is therefor (normally) considered a very accurate search engine.

It doesn’t mean that Google is the only search engine you should use though.

Bing is a great alternative search engine created and maintenance by Bing is available at

Bing search offers many of the features that Google offers such as web-page search and image search but it also has some of its own unique features.

  • Video search – Although Google also offer video search, Bing make a bigger deal of it and offer slightly more functionality
  • News search – Again this is a feature offered by Google, but Bing provide a greater level of detail with local news search, business news and entertainment news. Bing presents this news in an easy to read format that is easily accessible form their homepage.
  • Search History – Bing offers easy access search history making it convenient for you to look back through recent searches that you have made.
bing search

A look at the Bing search engine homepage

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Bing Search Aesthetic Appeal

Although it may not be as important as results, one of the other great features of the Bing search engine is its visual appeal.

Whilst Google is a very bland website, in contrast Bing search offers a very stimulating visual experience with a regularly changing background image (as shown in the above screen shot) as well as links to information about the displayed images.

This makes Bing a very interesting search engine and one that can keep your attention and provide interest to you on a daily basis, in addition to the normal functional reasons for using it.

Bing search and Microsoft SaaS

For those of you that don’t know what the term SaaS means, it is Software as a service. Microsoft is at the forefront of SaaS. In particular Microsoft offers enterprise level email via the web (as a service) as well as the full office package.

The Bing search engine is tied in closely with these SaaS services offered by Microsoft, and in fact if you look on the Bing search homepage you will see links at the top right to (Microsoft’s email service) as well as Office online (Microsoft’s full office online package).

You can find more information about the enterprise email services offered by Mirosoft in an article we wrote on Bloggtech here, but in short it’s an enterprise level email system thats available to (and affordable for) individuals.

As for Office online, this is basically an online version of Microsoft Office – so you can use Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other office applications from the Internet. This is fantastic for working on the move. You can save all of your documents online with Microsoft and then access and edit them from where ever you have a computer and an Internet connection.

Office online isn’t just restricted to online/web browser use either, depending on your subscription you can also have full desktop versions of all the applications and you can work seamlessly on your computer or in the web applications. Any changes you make to documents in either location will be synced with your online storage (Microsoft Onedrive).

Getting back to the point of the article, these features also add to the appeal of the Bing search engine. Its actually a very clever strategy that Microsoft have employed in making the search engine a portal for you and all of your computer related tasks.

In our opinion this makes Microsoft a subtle forerunner in the search engine race.

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If you think about the history of search, and how the various search engines compete with each other, you have always had Google being teh very basic bust most efficient search engine and then you have had many other search engines competing with Google by becoming a portal to other services.

Yahoo is a great example – they are a portal to news stories, multimedia and other features that make them very appealing but in a completely different way to Google.

With the event of cloud computing, super fast broadband and software as a service the way we use our computers and the Internet is changing drastically. We think that Microsoft can see this happening and are trying to tie in search and office by creating a portal to our online world.

the idea being that we can sign on to our computer, visit and have our entire office or digital world at our fingertips – Internet search, news, entertainment, email and office.

We say watch out for Bing search as it may become a very important search engine.