The use of email is a crucial tool for any marketing campaign – it can be one of the most reliable ways to reach out to businesses and consumers but it does come with its own pitfalls and needs to be done correctly in order to be effective.

Sending out email campaigns direct from your own computer can cause all number of problems including getting you blacklisted. In addition it can be really difficult to keep track of who you have sent emails to, who replied and who asked to be un-subscribed.

In addition to all of these potential issues that come with email marketing there is also the issue of delivering the email in the first place – which is no easy task – and also the fine art of making that email stand out to the recipient as being an important email that they have to read.

the online email marketing solution from FreshMail covers all of these factors and many more allowing you to easily create fully featured, mobile friendly marketing campaigns within minutes and without any coding or design skills at all.

Once you sign up to Freshmail you are presented with an easy to use drag and drop style interface for creating your email newsletter – you can chose from over 64 email templates and can also customize each template to suit your exact requirements.

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All of the templates are responsive which means they will work across all devices including PC, laptop and mobile and in addition the templates also display correctly with or without images which means that when users have the automatic download of images disabled (which is a very common scenario) the message will still be delivered to them clearly and effectively.

As well as having all of these standard email marketing features Freshmail also comes with some advanced tools including automated promotions, social media integration and split testing so that you can compare the effectiveness of different campaigns against each other.

Analytics with Freshmail

Creating and sending your email newsletter or marketing campaign is just the first part of the battle but understanding how that newsletter has been received is just as important and this is where the analytics side of Freshmail comes in.

Using the analytics services provided by Freshmail you can track every aspect of the campaign from initial opening statistics down to every last detail concerning the recipients activities – when they opened the email, what links they clicked on, whether they performed any social interaction and much more.

The best part is that the analytics software from Freshmail is also responsive meaning that you can get access to these statistics and reports on the go using your mobile or tablet device.

Freshmail also integrates with Google analytics giving you in depth information into not only your marketing campaign but also how it intertwines with your website and what traffic is being sent from one to the other.

API for integration with other services

Freshmail is a fantastic standalone service and will give you a complete email marketing platform in a matter of minutes. However, some companies already have existing marketing infrastructure in place and require something with slightly more integration. For these companies Freshmail also offer an API component to their service which allows for Freshmail to be integrated seamlessly with CRM systems, ecommerce platforms and in fact any other existing service that the company may be operating.

The API is built on REST standards are can be integrated using JSON – you can find out more details on the API by visiting the developers section of the Freshmail site here.


With Freshmail you can send to 500 subscribers free of charge – this means that if you have less than 500 people in your newsletter list then you can send to them over and over again without incurring any costs from Freshmail.

Once you go beyond the 500 subscribers there are various plans available that start from just £9/month as well as pay as you go options where you can purchase credits for sending a certain number of emails – these pay as you go plans start at just £4 for 1000 emails.

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There are also more savings to be made when you sign up for annual plans. More information on pricing can be found here.