For any business that maintains and operates a fleet of vehicles tracking those vehicles is very important. The reason behind this isn’t to keep tabs on the vehicle drivers but rather to understand how the fleet move around, what points they are not being used and this information can then be compiled and used to make the fleet more efficient.

Without this valuable information the fleet of vehicles could just as easily be costing the company money and time.

Whilst traditional fleet tracking systems and very expensive to install and run and also require trained office staff to use them there are now far more efficient and cost effective ways to track these vehicles.

EverTrack is a GPS tracker app that is available from the play store and will allow a company to instantly deploy a vehicle tracking solution with no expensive equipment required and almost zero deployment time.

To get started with the system you can simply sign up to the EverTrack website, invite employees by email and you can start tracking their vehicles straight away using the app that is available on Android mobile devices. The great thing is, even if all employees don’t have android phones you can pick them up very cheaply for use exclusively with the tracking system – still a far cheaper option than deploying a traditional vehicle tracking solution.

The GPS tracker solution from EverTrack can be up and running in less than 5 minutes, it has no immediate costs – just sign up and start using it.

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If you need a more bespoke solution EverTrack can also build on their existing platform to provide specific features when required.