There is no doubt in the fact that email is one of the most preferred methods of communication today. This is often true for individuals who use email on a day to day basis but it is especially true in the business world.

Email is fast, efficient and because there is always a full audit trail it is ideal for business communications due to the fact that both parties have a record of every conversation by default.

Despite the fantastic service that email provides there is one major problem faced by everyone and that is spam.

Its reasonably easy to appreciate that spam is a massive problem for the recipient – we have all experienced the annoyance of logging on to our email – whether hat be via website or a desktop mail client such as Outlook – and finding that we have more spam emails in our inbox than we do legitimate emails.

This is bad enough for domestic users but for businesses it is a major problem in terms of lost productivity and also security – many spam emails contain viruses which could potentially do a great amount of damage to the IT networks.

It is estimated that spam makes up for around 45% of all email that is received. This is a ridiculously large number and for the end user what this really equates to is wasted time filtering through for genuine messages and also annoyance of having to deal with so many spam emails.

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The other less mentioned side of spam email is the fact that security measures are often so strict when trying to prevent spam emails that senders, especially in small businesses, often have trouble getting their genuine emails delivered.

Inumbo - email antispam and delivery solutionWe came across a fantastic service called Inumbo that provides an enterprise class email filtering and delivery system to both end users and companies alike.

Inumbo runs on Rackspace cloud infrastructure making it an extremely stable and scalable service and provides a spam and malware filtering service to its users which is a completely free service for the first 10 users and just $0.36/user/month thereafter. Yes you read that correctly, just 36c per user for an enterprise email filtering service.

Inumbo use open source technology with the latest email verification mechanisms to ensure the delivery of messages to its clients whilst spam emails and malware are automatically filtered out before the message hits the parimiter of the receiving organisation.

In addition to the standard services provided by Inumbo there is also a rest API available so that the service can be integrated into custom software and CRM systems when required.

As well as the inbound spam filtering services Inumbo also provide outbound delivery services – using similar email verification technologies email is routed via Inumbo systems to ensure consistent delivery of email without the need for any on site management of IP reputation, DKIM records or any other involvement in the process from onsite IT personel. This outbound service is charged at $0.002 per message (additional $0.001 for DKIM) which equates to between $6-$9 / month for up to 100 outbound emails per day.

When compared to other mail delivery and spam filtering services Inumbo is very competitive and the level of service provided is fantastic in comparison.