Although its a subject not often talked about, lots of families to have to face the realities of having a loved one incarcerated in jail.

Its one of those situations where you really cannot understand what its like until it happens to you, or at least effects you indirectly – for example if someone you know is serving a prison sentence. It is also a scenario that holds many different, and often strong, viewpoints with many different people from different walks of life. Incarceration of course involves the committing of criminal offenses which people all have different views on.

Regardless of the above, it is a situation that anyone can find themselves affected by – there are all sorts of people currently serving time for all manor of different offenses and different circumstances.

The key point being that if someone you love is in prison for one reason or another, it is important that you are there for them to help them and comfort them whilst they are paying the price for the offense they committed.

Visiting someone who is in jail can often be traumatic and sometimes writing is much easier – but just as important because it lets the person know that there are people thinking about them and who care about them.

Although writing and other methods of contact are important, they often get forgotten about – writing can sometimes be a great effort especially with the busy lifestyles that we lead.

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Technology has now come to those who have loved ones residing behind bars. It has come in the form of a great app called “Jail Mail App” that is available form the Apple app store and also from Google play (For android).

the concept of the app is to make it much easier to contact loved ones when they are locked behind bars. The app offers several methods of contact by the principal is the same – you compose the letter within the app and then click on send. the letter is then printed and sent on to the person who is in jail.

Writing a letter to your loved one

The most common task that you can perform using the jail mail app is composing a letter to your loved one using your phone. After you have completed the letter you can then enter your details and the details of your loved one.

the letter will then be sent in physical form to your loved one for a very low cost (see the end of this article for pricing details).

The great thing about this process is that it does not require you to get stationary (paper, pens, envelopes etc) and it does not require much time – you could compose the letter whilst on the train to work, for example.

Regular contact is really important if your loved one is incarcerated, and this app makes sending short and regular letters very easy.

sending a photograph

The Jail mail app has also bought modern technology and a touch of social media to this difficult situation. Once you have the app installed you can also send photos and other images to your loved ones, straight from the app – of course they wont have a phone in there themselves, but the closest you can get to social/mobile communication is sending a phone via the app which will then be printed and physically sent to your loved one.

pricing details

For the amount of time that this app will save you, the prices are very reasonable indeed. Sending a letter is just 99c for up to 6 pages and Photos are just 49c each.



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