Skype is a great program that allows you to communicate with friends, family and colleagues via text, voice and video call. In this article we will be teaching you how to Skype via all of these methods.

How to Skype

How to Skype

The great thing about Skype is that its free to use when making connection via the internet. Even when you are calling landlines or mobile phones the rates are much lower than the cost of a traditional phone call.

How to install Skype on your PC or Laptop

If you already have Skype installed you can skip this part. Otherwise, follow this short guide to help you install Skype on your PC or laptop.

The first thing you need to do is open up an Internet page and browse to (You can type this directly in the browser address bar, or into your favorite search engine).

How to download Skype

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When you arrive at the skype website you should be prompted to “Download Skype” in the same way taht you can see in the above screenshot. Downloading and installing Skype will be your first step in learning how to Skype. Simply clock the download button, run the program when it downloads and follow a few simple instructions to get the program installed.

Once you have installed Skype before we tell you how to Skype you will need to either log in with your Skype account or register for a new account if you don’t already have one.

How to create a skype account

Creating a Skype account

Click on “Create an account” as in the above screenshot and you will be taken back to the Skype website, straight to the new accounts registration page. Here you will simply be required to enter in a few peices of information such as email address and other contact details. You should have your Skype account created within a few minutes.

skype account registration processSkype account registration process part 2

After you have craeted your Skype account you can close the browser, go back to the Skype program and log in with the details that you just created.

How to skype on your PC or Laptop

Now that you have downloaded and installed Skype, created an account and logged in, you can learn how to Skype. The first thing you will want to do is add some contacts to Skype. Contacts allow you to communicate easily with your friends and family.

adding contacts to Skype

In order to add a contact on Skype simply click on the Contacts menu, then hover over “Add Contact” then chose search Skype directory. You will then be able to type in the Skype username of the person you want to add.

Once you have found the right person, send them a personal message and wait for them to accept your request.

Once you have some people in your contacts list, simply clicking on their names will allow you to instantly start “texting” then via the Skype interface. You can also make standard voice calls to your contacts as well as Skype video calls.

How to skype video call

Before you can think about making a Skype video call, you need to make sure that you have a microphone and a webcam set up at both ends. In order to test the microphone and webcam you can Tools and then Options within Skype. You will then see Audio settings and Video settings.

If all is well you will see a visual representation of the sounds picked up by your microphone as well as the video image picked up by your webcam. Once you have those components set up and working, you are ready to Skype video call.

How to Skype video call

So you want to know how to Skype video call; after clicking on the contact you wish to make the video call to, simply click on the video icon at the top right of the Skype window. That is how to Skype video call. If you dont see the video icon it means there is a problem with your web cam and you may need to investigate that issue first.

Once you have clicked on the video icon, Skype will begin dialing your contact. As soon as they accept the video call you should see them appear in front of you along with a preview of what they can see from your web cam.

How to Skype on ipad

If you own an ipad you may wish to learn how to Skype from that as well. Its actually very easy to do. Whilst its easier to do than the PC/Laptop equivalent, it is still worth reading the full article on Bloggtech because understanding how Skype works on a PC will help you to understand how it works on the ipad.

In order to install Skype on the ipad all you need to do is click on the App store and type “Skype” into the marketplace search box. Skype should be the first result, simply click on Install/Get and Skype will download and appear on the home screen of your ipad.

In a very similar manor to the PC/Laptop procedure you will be prompted to log in with your Skype account. Once logged in you will have a similar (but much more simple) interface. Understanding how to skype from your ipad should be very easy as the interface is very intuitive. As long as you understand the features and options outlined further up in this article, you should notice that everything is very similar on the Skype ipad app.