Plouder is a really cool app that is available for the iPhone and also Android smart phones. The app allows you to make local, international and mobile phone calls at really low rates by sending the calls over the Internet and then connecting them to traditional cellular networks at the last stage.

The website has lots more technical information about the app as well as a complete list of all the countries that Plouder can be used in and also the rates for each of those countries when calling land-line numbers and mobiles.

The app is extremely easy to use and allows for calls to be made seamlessly whilst taking advantage of the super low rates. We tested it out on the iPhone 5s and we were able to install the app, register, redeem a coupon code for some free credit and test out the app in the space of just a few minutes. For any tech services time is important because it has to make your life easier rather than harder and this app achieves that whilst  also saving you money.

Just to give some examples of call rates, we looked up a few prices for various calls and for example UK mobile numbers can be called at around 0.026 GBP / minute (around 0.04 USD) which is extremely cheap.

Because of these rates it makes the app great for calling locally and especially for calling to mobile phones but in addition its great for making international calls because the rates are similar regardless of where in teh world you are calling.

All of the call routing is handled by the app and is transparent to the user – once the app has been opened you can make a call just as you normally would and Plouder does all of the work in the background to route the call via the Internet at extremely low cost.

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Still not convinced? We encourage our readers to try the app for themselves and in fact the guys over at Plouder have even provided an exclusive coupon code for that very purpose giving our readers CHF3 (which is around 2GBP). Once you have installed the app you will be given instructions for making topups – just enter this voucher code and you will receive the credit instantly: FRDAV356.