With the Internet weaving its way into every aspects of our lives its very easy sometimes to feel like you can no longer get any privacy. We socialize with our friends on popular social networks like Facebook, we have our smart phones constantly wired up to the Internet day and night and now even household appliances are being connected to the Internet.

The Internet of Things as we have dubbed this global Internet connectivity really affirms the way in which we are heading with everything being linked together by a common denominator – the Internet.

With this global connectivity it is easy to start worrying about privacy – in theory when you connect to the Internet you are linking yourself up with the entire world and anyone who is smart enough (normally hackers but also security agencies) has the potential to monitor and observe any information that you send. When you consider that most of your devices now days are constantly connected to the Internet, even when you are asleep, its hard to feel like you have any privacy.

Private Messaging

keyboard-142332_640When you consider all of the above, messaging and communication in particular is a big worry in terms of privacy. If you are having a business conversation, private chat with your friends of any other sort of interaction over the Internet how do you know that it is secure?

Its easy to brush this off without a thought, but in the current climate where special services and government agencies are on high alert there is no doubt that they are monitoring communications across the Internet. Perhaps this monitoring is targeted most of the time, but its easy to imagine that there is also random monitoring going on as well.

If you really want to have a private conversation on the Internet then you need a private messaging system – one that can encrypt every word that you type and then have the message decrypted at the other end.

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VIPole Secure Messenger

VIPole is an encrypted messaging application available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems that provides a secure environment for both text based and voice based messaging between multiple parties via the Internet.

The principle of VIPole is simple but effective – all communications are encrypted using a combination of symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, strong AES-256 encryption and public/private key authentication.

The messages are encrypted at source, transfered via the VIPole network to the recipient and then decrypted with private keys. The same principals are used regardless of whether the communications are text based or audio based and are such that not even VIPole can decrypt the communications because they do not have the private key, only the sender and designated recipient have the ability to decrypt the communications (which of course happens transparently to the actual users themselves).

In addition to the message transfer being secured, all chat history is also encrypted on the end user computers and also VIPole servers using similar technology. Once again these chat histories can only be decrypted by the users involved using a secret key chosen by each user at program setup. If you lose these keys then there is no possible way of decrypting those chat logs.

All said and done VIPole is a very cool piece of software that really does provide completely secure communications between parties and we highly recommend it if you want to have a truly private conversation and no doubt that you cannot be listened in to.