Social communities are very popular amongst Internet users with the most prominent examples being Facebook and Twitter. There are also hundreds of other social platforms that each have something different to offer such as Pinterest, Instagram, Myspace and in fact the list is almost endless.

Despite all of these social platforms that already exist, there are still many features that are not currently offered by any of then and the average Internet users appetite for something new is very apparent.

In response to this need we see many web developers looking at new social media ideas that could be put into practice but often these developers shy away from the work that would be involved to create such a platform, especially in light of the fact that you would be competing with other social media giants and therefor the development time might make it not worth the risk.

Enter Wordpress

Most people have heard of WordPress already but for those of you who haven’t, it is one of the most popular website management platforms available today and whilst it was originally intended for use as a blogging software it is now used by millions of webmasters, users and companies as a fully functioning website platform in every possible respect.

WordPress is also known as a content management system and it serves the purpose of taking development time out of website creation whilst also making it very easy for the end user to add content to the website once it is up and running.

The really fantastic thing about WordPress is the fact that it is built on an infrastructure that allows expansion through plugins – because of this fact almost anything you could possibly think of doing on the web can be done using wordpress. This makes WordPress ideal for use as a blog, personal website, business website or even a fully scalable ecommerce store.

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Users Ultra – Social media Platform for WordPress

Users Ultra Pro takes the trusted infrastructure of WordPress and combines with it an advanced social management plugin which takes all of the stress, planning and development time that would previously have been required in order to develop a social media platform.

With Users Ultra you can deploy a feature rich, secure and extremely stable social media platform in a very short time due to the fact that the plugin already has an abundance of features built in a ready to launch at the click of a button.

The great thing about this plugin is that it can be integrated with any WordPress theme and it can also be further customized after install with an easy to use backend interface.

This means that bringing your new social media idea to fruition is as simple as installing wordpress, configuring your designed theme which takes care of the layout and then installing the Users Ultra plugin.

Once you have done this you will have all of the features included with popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter coupled with an advanced admin interface for managing your users, new registrations, monitoring social interaction and many more functions.

there are literally hundreds of features that come with this plugin but we have chosen to highlight some of the most useful and interesting ones in this article.

Responsive and customizable Design

The plugin provides fully responsive layout meaning that it will display perfectly on both desktop and mobile browsers. In addition to the responsive design the plugin also allows for customization of the layout.

User Management

The pro version includes an advanced user management interface for the website administrator allowing the approval of new users, membership level modification and many other options.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates mean that once you have deployed the social platform you don’t have to worry about patch management as the plugin will update itself automatically insuring that new features are added as they are released and any security updates are automatically applied.

Multisite support

The plugin also works with multisite and in this scenario can be deployed to all of your sites at the click of a button.

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Frontend users panel

The front end of the website is extremely feature rich and comes with many features for the end user including a user panel allowing for the easy management of each users photos, personal information and message center.


Users are able to follow and like other users and their photos and posts as well as being able to gain badges when they reach certain metrics set by the site administrator.

Photo Galleries

The ability to add and manage photo galleries is a really great feature of the plugin and one that is loved by many users. The photo galleries feature allows for the creation of individual galleries by users so that photos can be easily organized.

This feature also allows for the user to control permissions and restrict who the gallery is visible to – whether that be just to friends or viewable by all users of the social media site.

Feature Rich

These are just a small selection of the features that come with Users Ultra Pro – there are literally hundreds more features that make it an extremely robust plugin and allow for the creation of the most advanced social media websites.

A much more detailed list of features can be found here.


Considering all of the features available to the plugin and the extreme ease with which a social media platform can be deployed, the pricing of this plugin is very reasonable.

The plugin can be licensed on either a single use or unlimited use basis and can also be licensed on a 1 or 2 year term depending on requirements.

The pricing starts at just $49.97 allowing for the plugin to be installed on a single website for a period of 12 months. This is ideal for small businesses and individuals that are planning to launch just a single site. For larger companies and webmasters the plugin can be purchased with the ability to use it on an unlimited number of sites – ideal for larger projects and also for resellers and service providers.