One of the most significant challenge faced by companies is to generate high quality leads. (Source) Though most of the lead generation tactics are quite straightforward. You create an awesome piece of content, put it on the landing pages of your website and promote it in all the possible ways including your blog, social media , email marketing and many more. Users arrive on your website, fill the form and you get the lead. Sounds simple, right?

Well, there is one thing that makes this lead generation not that straightforward, that’s mobile visitors. 90% of people use mobile devices to research their buying decisions but lead generation from these mobile devices are not that simple. Recent study by BrightEdge stated, “Mobile users are converted at the one-third the rate of desktop users”.

Since behavior of mobile users slightly differ from desktop users, you need to reconsider and modify your lead generation strategy and forms so that it can benefit you for both the desktop users as well as mobile users.


Analyzing various elements of a lead generation form as per mobile users will help you to find out what works best. One thing marketers must take care of is to keep this form simple and short. Including multiple field can be quite frustrating, specially for mobile users. Users are lazy and submitting information field by field from such tiny keys might irritate them which in turn might make them abandon the process of form submission.

One solution to this problem is asking for limited information but then again, businesses want as much data about user as possible in order to offer more personalized user experience. That’s where the concept of Social login steps in.

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Including social login on lead generation form is a great way to boost high quality leads. LoginRadius does a great job here by keeping the form short and simple and also provides users the option to login using their social media accounts.


How social login comes to the rescue?

In general Social Login provides your users the ability to sign to the website using one of their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Social Login simplifies registration process for end users as well as provides more reliable user data to businesses thereby making it a win-win process for both.

With just one click on social login button, the lead generation form is automatically filled thereby saving time and frustration of typing from such a tiny device. Also, it has already proven that users who opt for social login spend 50% more time on a website compared to those who opt for traditional registration process.


As the social media usage is continuously growing, social login is one technology, every B2B marketer should consider once. Users always expect a smooth hassle free experience, specially when they are browsing website using mobile devices. They arrive to your website with some specific action in their mind and anything that comes between this seems a barrier to them and registration process is one of them.

Social Login does a great help there by allowing them to sign in with just one click. Apart from simplifying registration, other benefits for using social login on your mobile website are :

  • Improved sign up rates
  • Increased time-on-site
  • Higher customer lifetime value
  • More time efficient
  • Less passwords to remember
  • Reliable user profile data
  • More personalized marketing strategies

Mobile traffic is skyrocketing and it’s high time to include this important aspect into your marketing strategy if you haven’t yet. Businesses need to try every possible way to generate leads from mobile users and social login is great there.