If you have ever been traveling or even thought about going traveling then you will appreciate that it can be both a daunting and also difficult process in many ways.

First of all you need to really make the decision that you are going to leave everything behind and go off around the world to places unknown often to countries where you don’t speak the language and don’t know any of the culture or protocols.

That in itself is a momentous decision, but once you have made it you then have the extremely difficult task of picking the destinations in which you will travel to, not to mention actually planning routes, accommodation and sight seeing whilst at those locations.

All in all it can be a very demanding process and often a lonely one as well seeing as many people who go traveling do so alone.

Once you come back from your travels of course you are a completely different person – you have lots of world experience, you have visited fascinating places all over the world and understandably you want to share your experiences with everyone. Two very juxtaposed viewpoints before and after traveling.

Thats where the latest social media platform comes in. TravelGee is a social media website that has been built from the ground up specifically with travelers in mind and aims to solve some of the above problems by connecting the traveling world together.

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If you are someone who is thinking about traveling then you can join the site and connect with other people from all over the world who have been there and done it – browse the locations that they recommend read the comments and look at the amazing pictures they have taken whilst traveling.

If you have already been traveling and seen some amazing places then you can discuss them with fellow travelers or perhaps share them on the website for the first time, so that others can share your amazing experiences.

Signing up to the website is very easy – you can do so via the websites own registration platform or you can also sign up by connecting directly with your Facebook account – this is great because it enables you to share amazing places with your Facebook friends as well if you wish.

Thilafushi, Maldives

Thilafushi, Maldives

Once you have confirmed your email address and logged in to the site you can follow other travelers with similar interests to you and you can also browse through all of the locations that are currently listed on the website.

Whilst reviewing the website we came across an amazing island in the Maldives called Thilafushi. We discovered that this island is actually man made and is part of the Vaadhoo channel.

When you click on the location you get a short description, an image, a Google map showing you exactly where it is in the world and even a live weather feed.

Users have the option to “Like” the destination and also to leave comments and photos. This is great because you can quickly see what other users think of any particular location and then use that feedback to decide if you would like to add that to your planned destinations.