Twitter is a fantastic social application. Lots of people use it to socialize, make their opinion known and to find out about trending topics. Of course when we say “lots of people use it” we really mean hundreds of millions of people use it for all of those reasons. But when asked how to use Twitter for business, people often struggle to come up with the answer.

How to use Twitter for business

Far too many people, especially business owners, dismiss Twitter as being a social past time for geeks and mistakenly think that it has nothing to offer business.

This opinion couldn’t be further from the truth. twitter is a fantastic tool for business and a fantastic asset to your marketing arsenal.

there are several reasons why Twitter is fantastic for business, and several ways how to use twitter for business:

  • Increase knowledge of your products – Twitter is great because when you compose and publish tweets about any aspect of your business, they can be seen by thousands of users. Not only will all of your followers see the tweet, but if they retweet it, then their followers will see it and so on. Also, if you include hashtags with your tweet, then it will potentially be seen by an even wider audience.
  • Interact with your customers – Twitter is really about real people. So Once your customers know you are on twitter, they are likely to follow you of their own accord. If they have had a great experience with your company, they are likely to Tweet about it and when this happens, lots of other people are made aware of your fantastic services and/or products.
  • Increase brand awareness – twitter is another platform where you can talk about your brand and increase awareness. Coupled with web marketing and other offline marketing efforts, social media and Twitter in particular helps to grow your brand through a range of mediums.

If you really want to know how to use Twitter for business, then you need to also understand how to monitor and track your presence on Twitter.

Some of the most important metrics on Twitter are:

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Twitter followers

You need followers on twitter so that when you post a tweet, firstly, people will actually see it, and secondly those people (hopefully) will engage in conversation with you and or retweet your tweets so that others see them.

Whilst Twitter followers are very important and it is a good metric to track and improve on, its extremely important to understand that its not always quantity that matters, but its often quality of followers that counts.

For example, some businesses use the strategy of buying followers, or following lots of users in the hope that they will follow back and basically doing anything and everything they can to increase their number of followers.

This is quite simply a bad strategy. Having 100 followers that are interested in your products and services, part of your target audience and also active users on Twitter, is far far more valuable than having 10,000 followers that either aren’t interested in your services, or aren’t active on Twitter.

We recently wrote an in depth review of a service that can actually provide real, targeted followers to your business twitter account, you can read it here.

Twitter Reach

If you post a tweet to your 1000 followers and assume they all see it, then you might think that you have reached a thousand people with your message. That is not always the case, in fact measuring Twitter reach can sometimes show you that you are getting your message in front of a much larger number of people, even though your follower count may be low.

Interaction with your website

When we talk about how to use Twitter for business we are often focused on the interaction with customers, communicating with others in your niche, and finding new business.

twitter is a social platform after all, and this aspect of it is probably the most important, the one that adds most value for your followers and the one that can produce fantastic and far reaching results.

However, when you think about how to use twitter for business, it is also important to remember that you can leverage those Twitter followers and redirect them to your other online services – most importantly your business website.

How to use Twitter for business – Website leads

the very simple fact is that if you post a link on your Twitter profile, assuming you have targeted followers, then you will likely generate a nice amount of traffic to your website.

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This is how to use twitter for business, and how to often generate leads to your website, and produce sales.

However, you should take this part of your twitter marketing strategy very seriously and handle it very carefully.

there is nothing worse to a typical user on Twitter than having someone in their time line that posts links all day every day. Twitter is about social interaction and not about outright product promotion. So you should only post links to your website sparingly – if you have a great product to offer that you think your followers will value, then post a link to it.

But make sure that for every link your post on Twitter, you post at least 5 genuinely engaging tweets that don’t have a link to your website in them.

Follow this simple strategy and you will lean how to use twitter effectively for business in no time.