tweet-155281_640Twitter is one of the most successful social media platforms of today and it is used by hundreds of millions of people for many different reasons but mostly for talking with friends, posting short status messages about day to day life and also by businesses to communicate with the consumer and vice versa.

Along with the craze of twitter itself there has also formed a very large market in production and sale of artificial Twitter followers – or at least of artificially gaining Twitter followers as some providers claim to be providing real followers but simply automating and speeding up the procurement process.

Why buy Twitter followers?

To some people the purchasing of Twitter followers may seen pointless and counterproductive but the process really does have its advantages.

Making yourself feel popular

It isn’t just business users and SEO specialists that buy twitter followers – sometimes standard Twitter users also partake in the process and the reason is simple – its always better to feel popular and to have the appearance of being popular – it just makes us feel better.

So of course the advantage of buying Twitter followers is that you can artificially increase your following count and thus make yourself look more popular.

Creating a buzz around your account

human-592739_640This is perhaps one of the most common reasons that business users and people who are using Twitter in a professional capacity will purchase Twitter followers. The reason is that with more followers on any account it will help to make the account look popular, active and interesting and this will often stimulate real users to follow the account and also perhaps interact more with tweets posted on the account.

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For example, if you see a funny or interesting tweet posted on your twitter time line and then you notice it has had 1k re-tweets already you are arguable more likely to retweet the message as well just because it feels like the right thing to do.

To increase your followers to following ratio

A less common but still just as important reason for buying Twitter followers is to artificially modify your Twitter follower/following ratio.

It is common knowledge that twitter only allows you to follow a certain number of people (2000) after which you cannot follow any more people until you have the same amount or more people following you.

This restriction is put in place by Twitter developers to stop accounts from simply following thousands of people in the hope that they will be followed back or at least that their accounts will be noticed.

With these rules only accounts that are really interested (and therefor have regularly increasing follower rates) can continue to follow new people beyond the 2000 following limits.

As a way to get around these restrictions, account holders can purchase followers in order to keep the following count increasing whilst they follow other users as a method of promotion. This way the ratio is artificially manged and thus allows for the continued following of users even if in reality there are not so many users following you back as would appear.

The disadvantages of buying twitter followers

grandstand-330930_640There are of course disadvantages of buying Twitter followers as well – although the practice is completely legal it is against Twitters terms of service so there is a chance, if it were discovered, that your account could be banned for taking part in these practices.

Other risks include the possibility of the Twitter followers you have purchased diminishing for one reason or another making the original purchase void and pointless.

Finally it may be embarrassing for you if it is discovered by your friends and fellow followers that you have been buying your followers – this could potentially give the impression that you are lonely or desperate for friends, which isn’t necessarily a good light to be perceived in.


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