proxy-154719_640Proxy servers are used by many people in order that they remain anonymous whilst using the Internet. In general terms the word proxy means to act on someone else’s behalf and this meaning is where the term proxy server originally came from.

A proxy server is used in order to essentially represent you whilst you are surfing the Internet so that when you visit a site or any other location on the Internet, you are actually going through the proxy server and that server is representing itself to the server that you are requesting the web page from, rather than you representing yourself.

The main effect of this scenario is that the web-server at the other end cannot see you at all, it simply sees the proxy server – its information, IP address, location and so on.

Sometimes proxy servers are used within large corporate networks in order that systems administrators may restrict Internet access for internal users but generally speaking the most common use of proxy servers is to hide the identity of the user.

Why are proxy servers used?

Proxy servers are used for quite a few different reasons – in fact the reasons for using a proxy server are unlimited but all revolve around hiding your identity.

Privacy Concerns

Proxy servers can be used if you are browsing the Internet but want some privacy – perhaps you don’t want any trace of you or your computer left on the sites that you visit, or perhaps you are just generally security conscious and don’t want any of your information to be gathered by anyone regardless of who or where they are.

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Location masking

Proxies are a great tool to use if you want to either mask your location or deliberately make yourself appear to be browsing from a particular location. A great example of why this would come in useful would be to access particular websites that only allow viewing from certain countries. Ordinarily if you were in a country where the website did not make itself available for use, you could use a proxy server located in a country that was allowed to use the website and thus trick the web server into thinking that you were visiting from a permitted country. This would allow you to access the website as normal.

Using proxies for SEO purposes

Another very common use of proxies is for the purposes of carrying out SEO related tasks such as account creation and content posting.

Often when working on large SEO projects there is a need to either post links to the site that is being ranked and also to create many accounts on social media platforms and web 2.0 properties such as WordPress blogs in order to boost the perceived popularity of the website in question.

Ordinarily if the search engine specialist were discovered to be creating more than one account on any particular website they would be banned and also risk losing all of their previously created accounts.

By using a proxy or in fact multiple proxies the search specialist can appear to be a new and unique user when creating each property – giving the appearance that every single property has been created by completely unrelated users and therefor lowering the risk of being detected substantially.

Where can you find good proxies

There are many sites on the Internet where you can purchase proxies, find information on proxy servers and so on.

There is one proxy portal that we came across whilst writing this article with substantial information on some of the best proxy websites, guides on using them, remaining anonymous and other useful tips.




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