Twitter is one of the most well respected social networks and a fantastic tool for helping businesses with twitter reach to stay in touch with their customers and equally for helping customers make themselves heard; Not to mention the global social interaction made made possible by twitter.

As a business twitter reach is particularly beneficial because it allows you to promote your brand, stay in touch with your customers, hear what they want and make sure they are happy with your services and/or products.

Twitter can be a fantastic online advertising and brand promotion tool for those reasons, but like any advertising tool, the most important thing is metrics – Twitter reach shows how well is the advertising tool is performing, how relevant is the medium to your clientèle, are you reaching out to your customers successfully, are they getting the right message and are they responding to your advertisement?

Its one thing on twitter knowing how many followers you have, and its easy to them make an assumption that if you post a message about your brand on twitter, then it will be seen by X amount of users, but its quite another thing to actually substantiate those assumptions, and in reality you may be underselling the platform by a long way.

Reaching out to your target audience

So thats where Twitter reach comes in – twitter reach is essentially the sum of all twitter users that are mentioning your brand and/or re-tweeting your tweets plus the combined total of all their followers – think about it for a moment; lets suppose you post a tweet promoting your Brand – its easy to assume that all (or a large percentage) of your followers will see that tweet, but if 10% of those followers retweet that tweet, then you are instantly gaining access to all of their followers as well, which could be hundreds or even thousands of additional users that you have managed to REACH with that one tweet.

Its a fantastic marketing concept and its one of the things that makes twitter so attractive to businesses – and in reality one of the things that a lot of businesses (small and large) overlook all too often.

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Negative Twitter Reach

Of course Twitter reach isn’t always a positive asset to your brand – it certainly has made the consumer more powerful and its worth keeping in mind that if you send a message to a customer on twitter, no matter how few followers they may have and how anonymous they may seem, a few retweets can reach an awful lot of people.

In fact there was a tweet about British Airways not so long ago that proves this very point, you can read more about it here:

Measuring your Twitter reach

If you are interested in measuring your reach, there are lots of free tools out there that can help you to do just that, a few examples are listed below (Source):

  1. Twitalyzer
  2. TweetLevel
  3. TweetReach
  4. Twitter Grader