Short Messaging Service – or SMS as most people know it – is one of the most under-valued forms of communication in business. Whilst most companies automatically associate email with B2B and B2C communications text message can actually be far more effective.

Why is SMS the best choice for communication?

If you communicate with your users via SMS you will get a 95% open rate – not that’s not a miss-spell, we did say 95%. That is far greater than you would get with email. Even more importantly because SMS messages are delivered direct to your users phones the response time is also much quicker than it would be for them to check and respond to an email.

How does it work?

It is very easy to get started with SMS communications – simply start taking mobile phone numbers from your customers and don’t forget to ask for permission to contact them via SMS. Once you have started growing your list you can sign up with a company such as Apico and then you can use their automated messaging system to start sending text messages to your customers.

What is a Bulk SMS API?

The Apico API for SMS communications makes the whole concept of text message marketing and communication even sweeter.

The term API stands for application program interface and what it means in simple terms is that you can integrate with third party programs and services. In the case of SMS communications this means that you can connect your existing programs – accounts packages, CRM packages and even your website with the Apico API so that you can automatically send and receive text messages.

Example use cases

The possibilities and use cases for automated SMS messaging are almost endless but we have selected a few examples to help our readers to understand the benefits of using an SMS API.

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Online retailers

Online retailers can use SMS messages to keep their customers up to date with order status and also to entice existing customers into purchasing again by sending out text messages containing new products and offers. All of this can be done automatically thus saving on costs as well as providing a great experience for the end user.

Insurance companies and brokers

SMS messages can be sent out automatically to update clients with the status of their insurance policy as well as update them on existing claims.

In addition the broker can have a text message sent to their clients notifying them that a policy is nearing expiration and also to inform them of special offers – this can help to avoid losing clients who find a better deal elsewhere near the end of their policy.