WhatsApp has secured the remarkable achievements in this year as a chat application, which is owned by facebook is able to set a new record with the number of users as much as 1 billion. This result is good news for Facebook as a company that has WhatsApp. This means that WhatsApp has managed to become one of the communication platforms the most widely used. This amount has to compete with the number of users Facebook Messenger which only has 800 million users. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as provide on achieving WhatsApp via a post on your Facebook account. Zuckerberg said that the community WhatsApp now doubled since joining Facebook. Zuckerberg also said that this achievement is an important step of connecting the whole world. Zuckerberg also said that WhatsApp plans to focus on making money through business cooperation. Previously, WhatsApp is known to have removed a subscription fee for its services. So, users no longer need to pay a subscription fee of US $ 1 per year. Liberation is done because the subscription fee to charge fees to users not effective, so WhatsApp plans to get revenue from the monetization of communication between corporations and individuals. So, WhatsApp will pilot a tool to allow users to communicate with the corporation or organization that is desired. WhatsApp application developers will bring better apps each day. WhatsApp also wants all citizens of the world to use this application.

In general, the instant messaging application does include transparency value to each user. However, this principle does not apply in WhatsApp for this application turns allows users to hide from an ongoing conversation. There are a few tricks for Tech, Business and Social Media Reader. The first is a trick to hide Last Seen. You can hide from the people who too curious. It’s easy, you just need to go to the Settings menu and select Account, Privacy and select Last Seen. Well, you can change who can see when you last use WhatsApp. You can also hide the status in the profile of your status. The trick is to select the Settings menu, Privacy, Status, and Nobody. You can also hide your profile photo from the stalker. Choose menu Settings, Privacy, Profile Photo, and Nobody. Remove the blue check mark. Usually blue check mark is a sign that you are online and that you have read the message, so you have to reply to them quickly. To remove the pins you can select the Account, Privacy, and select Uncheck the Read Receipts Box. If you want to stop the messages present on WhatsApp, then you can select the Settings menu, Apps, WhatsApp, and select Force Stop.