The hover board is a cool new product and a new hobby for a lot of people. This new product is taking social media by storm, becoming extremely popular over the last few months. With increased popularity also comes more competition to the field, allowing you to purchase one of these incredible devices for a fraction of the cost they were when they originally came out. The hover boards are perfect for short distances. They are way more convenient than a skateboard and much more affordable than a car especially if you are accustomed to travelling short distances.

Think of the same technology that powers a Segway. That being, multiple gyroscopes being used to measure your body as it rides. In addition, below the deck there are multiple pressure sensors that allow you to easily tilt your body or apply pressure to accelerate, decelerate, and turn. The possibilities are limitless. This technology is just starting to make its way out towards the public, and creative minds will soon find more and more ways to put it to great use.

You get many different models that vary in specifications based on the company and their intended target audience. All hover boards were definitely not made the same. You can find many hoverboards for sale online in many retailers. You are basically going to spend something in the $200 to $300 price range based on the specification of the hover board itself.


Take Glidecraft for instance, a leading hover board retailer that offers many different sizes and specifications. Safety is also of prime concern and you can browse their website to see what they have to offer.

The major aspect you need to look for is comfort and that is usually tied to the actual size you might like a 23w x 7.3h x 7.3d (inches) model or a 25.7w x 10.825h x 10.7d (inches) model. These boards usually tend to vary in terms of speed also. This can range from anything between10 Kilometres per hour to about 20 kilometres per hour max speed for the higher end models. Responsiveness is another aspect that is important especially if you are working your way through tight corners and narrow streets and most importantly people.

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The quality of the tyres are something you need to watch for. Especially if you live in a developing nation or a place where the sidewalks and roads aren’t great. The size also matters. The larger models tend to have a larger wheels as expected and this also impacts the amount of power they require and indeed the performance. Wheel sizes range from about 5 inches to about 10 inches. The built in rechargeable battery is another one that can last anything between 10 – 20 miles on 1 full charge. This can be very handy especially if you live in crowded cities like New York or Sydney where the bus or train might not get you close to your destination. Find a model that suits your needs and specifications so that comfort and battery life are maximized.