It is true that some people intentionally steal someone else’s work and appropriating it for the sake of money, success, fame … But there are also ones who plagiarize without even knowing it, unintentional. This mainly refers to students. Because of that, it is very important to be able to avoid it.

Here are some helpful tips for students:

-Consult with your professor.

If there are some uncertainties over writing your papers, it is the best to consult with your professor. They have a lot of experience with writing papers and are willing to help you. They will also like that you are showing the interest in their subject.

-Make a plan of work.

Planning is the first and most important step if you want to avoid plagiarism. If you make a plan of writing your work, what would be your own contribution, by using a literature, you will not forget to quote. It might take you some time but it is worth it. You will learn new things and be confident about your work.

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-Making notes.

The best way to prepare for writing papers is making notes from literature. In this way, needed information will be organized. If you make notes correctly, you will also have information about your sources. Some experts say that we should mark different sources with different colors, fonts… It is recommended as it will make it easier for those who read it to distinguish various sources.

-If you are not sure whether to quote – quote.

In case you are not sure if an idea is yours or you have just made a little change to something you had read, you should quote the source. Even though, it might seem that you are not contributing enough, by doing it you show that you have ability to process information rather than just copying them. You should not appropriate other people’s ideas as your own.

– Indicate who said what

If you are mentioning more people, make sure it is clear who said what. It can be really confusing when there is a dialogue and you haven’t indicated who said what.

To sum up, plagiarism, whichever the form and level it is, is an act of fraud. It should not be avoided only because it is not according to the law or because there are numerous algorithms for detecting it, but because it is immoral. You should respect yourselves and others. Others, because they have put so much effort in their work, spent their precious time to create something. Yourselves, because things you learn while researching and making something are very useful in life, getting a job, gaining experience … And you will feel proud that you have created something valuable, from which people will be able to learn.

Online Plagiarism Checker

You can use Plagiarism Checker and another plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism of documents and notes.