If your company is still using FTP to handle large amounts of files, then you’re familiar with many of the drawbacks of this 40-year-old technology. And you know that there are probably better solutions out there today. Surely, FTP used to be the solution for sharing the large files. Ok, it was sometimes a bit clunky but your FTP server (eventually) did the job of getting your large files to customers or colleagues.

For us and our clients, FTP was cumbersome to use (I’ll get back to this later), and even our IT-guy were screaming for a better alternative. FTP were draining our IT resources: from the time spent setting up users to the costs of hardware and ongoing maintenance. So we asked our self … isn’t there a better way?

Because of all the problems our users and clients, had with our FTP server, many of them started using their own private Dropbox accounts to share files with customers. But we ended up in a situation where we had absolutely no control over where the files were, and which files was shared with whom.

Finally we had a rather embarrassing incident where an employee accidental share a whole folder with (very!) private photos with one of our customers. So something had to be done!

Researching for this article we have tested more than 15 FTP alternative solutions on the market. I’ll spare you for all the details, but we have found that Filecamp FTP alternative was a perfect fit for us.

With Filecamp we have found a simple cloud-based FTP alternative that seem designed for people, and not for tech nerds. Not strange, that big and small companies around the world, are turning towards Filecamp as their preferred FTP alternative.

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Filecamp is 100% browser-based and doesn’t require any special software, servers, or IT support. That means you and your partners can access your files from any device, anywhere in the world. And thanks to the simple & intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can get started right away – no learning curve required.

Retiring your FTP server and choosing a more modern alternative gives your users additional benefits:


  • Simple, browser-based uploading and downloading.
  • Straightforward and secure access to your data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Invite recipients to public folders for ongoing collaboration.
  • Easily manage folder access permissions.
  • Send links to files or folders.
  • Create and organize multiple layers of folders for all your files.
  • Search for files and folders.
  • Create Public Media Galleries.
  • Application updates are seamlessly integrated and rolled out.
  • Receive email notifications when files are uploaded.
  • Full data backup and data center redundancy ensure availability.
  • Custom branding (look cool while sharing files)
  • Replaces expensive and outdated in-house FTP servers.
  • Self-service – no IT involvement needed
  • No hardware, software, infrastructure configuration or tuning is necessary.

We started the free trial and moments after Filecamp was already part of our production, and our clients was exited with the easy-to -use, and custom branded interface.

So, if your FTP service is no longer being supported or you are simply looking for a better alternative, Filecamp could be just the solution you are seeking. It was for us!