After Microsoft has cancelled support of Visual FoxPro, every owner of this database management system faced the need of migrating data to another platform due to safety and reliability reasons. There are several modern DBMS such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL that can be an alternative for FoxPro.

By design FoxPro is a data storage having no stored procedures, triggers, views and other complex database objects. This fact makes it easy to convert FoxPro databases compared to migration between another DBMS because it only involves transferring the data. However, when it is necessary to convert thousands of FoxPro tables, data migration becomes complicated and tedious routine.

Another issue is that none of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases is exactly like FoxPro. It means that all applications handling old database must be rewritten with a new programming tool and it requires significant efforts.

So, what is the best upgrade path for FoxPro? If you just need to migrate table definitions, data and indexes, consider PostgreSQL due to these advantages:

* PostgreSQL is free and even better it is open-source

* PostgreSQL is a cross platform DBMS available on all variations of Unix platform and on Windows

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* PostgreSQL is a sophisticated object-relational database management system having almost all possible features like subselects, transactions, user-defined types and many more

* unlike other DBMS, PostgreSQL and FoxPro have similar syntax for BOOLEAN type (‘t’ is TRUE and ‘f’ is FALSE)

If you need a complete solution to convert FoxPro databases along with related applications to new platform, it requires another approach to the migration process. Specialists of Intelligent Converters, a company specializing in database migration and synchronization since 2001, suggest to convert FoxPro to SQL Server as data storage with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET as application development framework. This approach has the following benefits:

* .NET is the most popular Microsoft product for software development being used by many high skilled professionals

* .NET can be used to develop both desktop and browser-based applications

* SQL Server is highly secure, reliable and scalable database system

* SQL Server is distributed under free license with basic features known as ‘Express Edition’ that is suitable for small businesses as well as paid version with maximum capacity known as ‘Enterprise Edition’ for huge corporate databases.

No matter which DBMS you choose as the target of FoxPro migration, Intelligent Converters provides solutions to migrate FoxPro data to every popular database management system.