If you have a requirement for a website to be designed you will no doubt realize that you have many options. There are lots of website creation tools out there. Lots of hosting providers even offer free professional web design when you take up hosting services with them.

professional web design

Our Professional Web Design

However, if you are looking for a professional web design then there are lots of things you need to take into consideration and a few things to look out for when making a decision.

Free Professional Web Design Solutions

There are several ways that you can have a professional web design at little or no cost.

Professional web design from your hosting provider

You will often find that hosting companies offer professional web design along with their hosting products. These professional web design services often come in the form of easy to use self-build website design tools.

As an example, 1and1 offer an online website build tool with most of their hosting packages.

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This tool allows a person with little or no web design or coding skills to build a professional website with the drag and drop functionality of their online design tool.

Another provider that offers a similar solution is Wix. Wix offer free professional web design in the form of a website hosted on a sub domain of their system, for example, mysite.wix.com.

You get to chose from a wide variety of professional website templates which can then be customised to your liking. After this design stage you can add the content that you want to put on your site and then you are ready to publish.

Wix also have paid for subscriptions starting at £2.55 / Month. This basic subscription gives you the ability to use your own domain name instead of a Wix sub domain. Moving up the price ranges you start to get more functionality, less advertising and also more storage space and bandwidth.

Professional web Design using Web 2.0 platforms

Another option to get a free professional web design is to use one of the well known web 2.0 platforms. Traditionally these platforms were used for blogging but now it is becoming more common for people to use them as full scale websites.

The most popular of these platforms is WordPress. Bloggtech itself runs on the WordPress platform, although it is the self hosted version which is extremely feature rich and customizable.

WordPress also offer a managed hosting platform where they take care of the hosting and updates on behalf of the user. You can register to use WordPress here and after a few simple steps you will have your own website on the wordpress.com domain.

WordPress is very similar to Wix in that you can chose from pre-made templates and you also have several upgrade options including the addition of a personal domain name.

Professional web design services

All of the above options are great and can easily produce a very professional looking website if done correctly. The key thing with the above services is that they all require a lot of your time. If you want a professional web design using one of the free services then you have to be willing to put in lots of your time to make sure that every aspect of the site looks professional and up to standard.

They are also often limited in various ways – the most common limitation being that you can only choose from pre-designed templates and so if there is something in particular that you dislike about a design it is very difficult and normally impossible to have it changed.

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Another disadvantage is that you are often stuck with the hosting provider – so if your site were to become very successful, for example, then it would be difficult to move the site to a self hosted platform.

Advantages of Professional web design services

The advantage of using a service provider to get a professional web design is that you can stipulate exactly what sort of design you want, or even avail of the designers services and let them have complete freedom on the creation of the design.

With a professional website designer all you need to do is provide the content and the designer will do the rest – from the initial design create to the build to testing and fine tuning. If time is a premium to you then this is definitely the preferred route.

Another big advantage is that you will be leaving your website in the hands of a professional rather than trying to do something that perhaps doesn’t come naturally to you.

If you compare a pre-made template design to a professional web design you can always tell the difference because there will be much more attention to detail in the professional web design.