Ever since 2005, the shared office movement has been growing across the world. Often called “co-working,” millennials especially seem to value the sense of community and camaraderie that can be found by working in a shared space among a diverse group of professionals.

Primal Base is looking to bring the co-working concept to a whole new level by allowing anyone to share, sell, or rent out high-quality, shared office space in buildings around the world using digital currency-based tokens.

Primal Base will be issuing Primal Base Tokens (PBT) during an upcoming crowd sale that will give holders the ability to use office space themselves or rent it out to others as a way to generate additional income. All of this will be managed from an easy-to-use mobile app that gives one the ability to buy, sell, or transfer token holder rights from anywhere in the world.

Primal Base already has one office open and operating in Amsterdam and has plans to open offices in Berlin, London, Singapore, and New York by June of 2018. Over time, holders of the Primal Base token will vote to determine where additional offices should open. The ultimate vision is for there to be Primal base offices in major cities across the globe.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will immediately recognize that this represents a new totally new use case for digital tokens and opens up a whole range of exciting prospects and possibilities. This new model for how to manage and even monetize the shared workspace experience promises to revolutionize an already revolutionary industry and open up access to even more people who want to participate and take advantage of the unique opportunities.

Primal Base http://primalbase.com

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