With multiple parties being involved in the collection, sharing and verifying of documents, the collection and storage of documents can be a tedious task.

For instance, if you are a mortgage broker collecting paperwork from a client for a lender then you will probably be collecting a multitude of documents from a number of sources. The broker will likely receive the documents as either hard copies, PDFs and even as Word files through SMS. This makes it time consuming to manage and store the data. This is just one example and there are an amazing number of data collection instances that need streamlining.

ezidox™ is a solution that can solve these issues and more.

We live in a digital age and we need to take advantage of everything the internet. Let’s look at some of the advantages you have when using ezidox™.


Clients can be very hard to reach or unresponsive at times. More so, it’s a common theme to find people in the office shifting through a bunch of files, folders and drawers looking for a particular paper that was submitted to them a month ago. As companies tend to deal with an enormous amount of clients this system becomes impractical and you will need a digital solution.

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With ezidox™ you are only one click away from clients’ documents. The integration with CRM tools allows for greater functionality and efficiency.


You will be able to draw upon documents that are stored securely with a myriad of security features when required. You can be a realtor, for instance and you will be able to pull up any documentation provided by prospective buyers as and when needed.

Documentation can be managed from anywhere and at anytime as long as you are authorized to access the management system.

Operational Costs

Imagine having to chase every client around to collect documents or imagine having to scan, print and re print every file in a desired format. This can get very time consuming and very expensive. Printing costs incurred can be so large that you might be spending 10 times the amount of the printer just on ink alone.

With ezidox™, every document uploaded is stored in the cloud forever, never having to incur printing costs.

Get Started

ezidox™ has a number of pricing plans which you can view that best suits you. Get started on your free 30 day trial today by visiting www.ezidox.com.