Drones are one piece of technology that needs to be watched closely as they are already making waves – and big ones – in the tech landscape.

A couple of years back no one had heard of drones and even if they had, it would be in association with military surveillance or civil engineering projects. Fast forward a few years and everyone is talking about drones – they are being used by hobbyists all over the world, by a multitude of different businesses for Ariel photography, security, damage assessment and they even have their own world racing championship.

Why have they become so popular?

To put it very simply drones are just great fun – they are like the modern replacement for the remote-controlled cars that we used to race around years ago – and they are so versatile as well.

In addition to the fun element they are also extremely functional and many would argue that drones are probably paving the way for artificial intelligence and consumer robotics. Fast forward 10 years and drones will probably be traversing the skies like birds do today except the drones will be undertaking everything from couriering parcels to dropping off forgotten items to us at work.

Best in the game: DJI Phantom 4

There is no better drone to showcase their abilities and appeal than the Phantom 4 by DJI. This is probably one of the best drones on the market and whilst it has a relatively high price tag for the consumer market it is packed with enough features to go way beyond justifying that price.

Precision hovering

The Phantom 4 comes with an advanced stereo vision positioning system (VPS) that makes hovering on the spot extremely easy and even when travelling at speeds the Phantom 4 can be stopped instantly and put back into a stationary hovering position.

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No drone is complete without a camera – whatever you are doing with the drone whether you are using it to inspect something that is hard to reach or just racing your drone through woodlands there is something satisfying about watching the footage produced by the drone’s flight.

The Phantom 4 features a 4K 30fps full HD camera that will record at 1080p and will go up to 120fps for slow motion footage. The camera sits on an integrated 3-axis gimbal that substantially reduces vibration from in-flight movement enabling the camera to capture extremely smooth footage.

ProPhotoUAV have a range of DJI Phantom 4 drones available on their website that include various upgrades such as additional battery packs. Although the price tag for a Phantom 4 is high compared to some other drones anyone who is serious about this technology shouldn’t look anywhere else. If you purchase a lesser model, there is no doubt that in 3 months’ time you will have it up for sale to replace it with a Phantom 4.

If you want the steadiest flight, the most controllable hovering and the best quality videography then the DJI Phantom 4 is the only viable option for you.