We came across a real cool piece of software recently and just had to write an article about it. The software is called Chatra Live Chat and as the name suggests, it’s a tool that you can install on your website in order to chat with your visitors in real time.

This software is ideal for ecommerce websites but can also be used on any site where you want to try and engage directly with your audience.

Make your customers feel important

One of the key benefits of using any live chat software is that you can make your customers, and potential customers, feel important. If you have ever been on a website and suddenly you are able to strike up a direct conversation with a staff member from the company behind the website you will know that it feels pretty good and it helps you to differentiate that site from others. It’s a bit of a personal touch in what is sometimes a very lonely marketplace.

Chatra take this personal approach to the next level by offering you the ability to see when your customers are typing on the chat box so that you can have a reply ready to go as soon as they hit send – that way you show the fact that you and your team are extremely responsive and eager to help them in any way that you can.

Engage with customers to help them through the purchase process

chtrlogobig_0The great thing about this software is that you can help your customers throughout their shopping experience. You can think of it like a shopping assistant in a High Street store. You are the expert and you are able to help the customer with anything they are unsure about, advise them on the best options that suit their need and help to assure them that they are purchasing from a trusted supplier and they have the backing of your support should they need it.

Reduce abandoned shopping carts

Did you know that over 68% of shopping carts never make it to checkout? That’s pretty amazing and it means that if you run an ecommerce website and you are not using any live chat software you could be missing out on a serious amount of revenue.

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Using Chatra you can be there to engage with your potential customers whenever they need your help and this can mean the difference between an abandoned shopping cart and an order from a new, and hopefully returning, customer.

Even when you are not online Chatra can take messages and email them to you, as well as adding those interested customers to a mailing list for you to contact at a later stage.

Increase word of mouth advertising

Not only does chatra have all of these benefits but it looks great as well. Simply by installing Chatra on your website you can give your customers the impression of how well organised you are, how modern your operation is and how much you care about each and every person that uses your services or purchases your goods.

Still not convinced? Chatra will even provide you with a premium account for as long as your existing chat software has been purchased for plus an additional free month on top. This makes for an offer almost impossible to refuse.

Click here and reduce your abandoned cart percentage today.