Skype The New Classroom

Jeffrey Thomas is on his 7th year of teaching Skype guitar lessons to hungry students all around the globe.  His typical day will span 5 different time zones and reach beginning to advanced students from ages 7 to 70.  The decision to move his lesson to Skype was due to ever increasing music store studio rents and politics as well as a genuine concern for students showing up late due to traffic and being stressed out and distracted.  The guitar lessons on Skype have become the new classroom for Jeff’s guitar, bass and ukulele students.

How The Lessons Work

Jeffrey currently has 25 years of teaching and playing experience and all of his students benefit from his deep, authentic understanding of a wide variety of styles so think Flamenco to Taylor Swift.  In addition to Skype guitar lessons Jeffrey offers instruction for bass and ukulele.

The first lesson is free and students contact Jeff through his website.  In the free lesson the internet connection is checked and any issues are corrected.  Jeffrey sends notation to the student ahead of lesson time.  These worksheets are reviewed and the students questions are answered with hands on demonstrations.  The student usually books the lessons right from their home or office!

Why The Lessons Work

The Skype lessons work for a variety of reasons.  Students being comfortable in their own environment is key to the success of online guitar instruction.  Flexible scheduling is another big plus.  Jeffrey has Doctors, Lawyers and CEO’s on his list of students and well as busy college and elementary school kids.  Lessons can be arranged for a set day and time or “floating” weekly, every other week or twice a week!  Payments are made through Paypal, Amazon or Venmo.  So, if you are a day one beginner, hobbyist or serious guitar, bass or ukulele player contact Jeffrey to set up your free lesson today.