Have you ever found yourself looking for a job online? Of course you have! It’s always the same old thing – fill out the form – put in your skills – attached a pdf of your resume – click submit and wait – and wait… Months go by and you hear nothing – you go back to the site only to see the job is still posted! Now you have to wonder – is it my resume? Is it boring?

It’s hard to show your true personality in written words that are flat on a screen.

What if you could send a potential employer a video resume? You could introduce yourself, list your skills and give a great first impression! Stand out from all of the rest of the boring pdf resumes and get noticed. BUT you don’t want your video resume on YouTube – then anyone and everyone can see it and comment on it and you just look like everyone else out there. AND you can’t control the comments people make! Could be potentially a good or a bad thing…

So why not just put up your video resume on YouTube? OK so you put your resume video on YouTube – then people start looking at it and commenting on it – both good and bad (people can be mean). One comment is funny so people start to share it and before you know it your resume is a comedy hit and that is NOT something you want!

With our patent-pending system – YOU control who sees your video. No one can just randomly find your video online and do whatever they want with it. If you send the link to a potential employer, access is only granted for a particular number of days or clicks – whichever comes first. The employer can also request an additional video with specific questions they want answered so you can do an interview right through video!

What are some of the benefits?

  • No cost to sign up
  • YOU control who sees your video
  • Patent pending approval system protection Custom login panel to see everything at a glance Video protection – timed deletion system Saves employer time and money
  • Employers see all videos and activity at a glance Is your Video Resume Protected?

Do you know who’s looking at you??

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There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain so sign up today at 15secglance.com.

By: Robin Davis, 15SecGlance