Innovative design poised to change the future of human flight transportation

BUDA, UNITED STATES, NOVEMBER 9, 2016 – James Kelfer has announced that his Infinity infinity-wing-drive-1Wing Drive is launching on IndieGoGo on November 9, 2016. When the campaign launches, backers will have the opportunity to support an invention that is poised to change the future of human flight transportation.

The Infinity Wing Drive is a mechanical device with two wings that mimics the horizontal figure-eight wing flight patterns of insects. According to Kelfer, the overall goal is to make vertical take-off and landing possible for single fliers without the need for airports or roads.

The Infinity Wing Drive has been in the works since the 70s, when Kelfer first learned about hang gliding. For the next decade, Kelfer developed variations on mechanical devices to move a set of wings; the workable solution, he found, was in the movement of insect wings. A recently released video shows how the Infinity Wing Drive works.

infinity-wing-drive-2In the 80s, Kelfer’s design was awarded a patent.

Now, he has a working prototype, and with the help of backers, he will be able to get the precision machined parts, carbon fiber wings, and new motor and transmission parts needed for higher speeds and damage prevention.

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Kelfer aims to raise $7,500, and backers will receive exclusive perks, including sketches and T-shirts depicting the design. More information is available at

About Infinity Wing Drive

The Infinity Wing Drive makes vertical take-off and landing for individual users by using a figure-eight motion, which was inspired by certain flying insects. Inventor James Kelfer is now working to secure funding to continue with the development of his patented design.


James Kelfer

Infinity Wing Drive

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