Imagine a scenario where you are relaxing in a train station or airport lounge. The worst feeling in those situations is to feel bored and not have anything to do. Like most people you turn towards your electronic devices to fill that void. Easy enough, the smart phone or tablet is the easiest to carry around and comes in really handy. Now it’s just a matter of sifting through your play store to find something that fits your mood. It is at this stage that you are confronted with a choice or many choices rather. If you love racing and love to play racing games then the list is almost endless.

We suggest you check out Bus Simulator Racing by Universal games. We often search for something that simulates environments close to reality and this game is just that. You can enjoy yourself by challenging yourself with realistic controls based on how full the bus is too. You can basically tilt your device to steer and master the timing. A classic game for folks looking to enjoy themselves and kill time at the same time. The background music is an enchanting orchestra and classic mix. You can really sit back and immerse yourself in the stunning graphics and smooth animations.
You can easily find this game through the google play store if you have an android device. The game is optimized for tablet devices too, which is a bonus. With simulation games you are always analysing how the features appear to your senses. This game has changeable weather conditions, realistic sounds, controls and even engine noises. We find that with many simulation games these features are lacking or are even overlooked during the development stage to focus on different stages or having more things to do.
With Bus Simulator Racing you get the best of all the features we just mentioned. The development from the looks of it didn’t ignore a single aspect. If you are a parent reading this article, then rest assured that you can suggest this game to your children and they will be very grateful. It provides a healthy pass time.
The app is not very big at a modest 52Mb. Your phones internal memory is more than enough to run it. We recommend having later versions of android to really enjoy the app and the smooth interface it offers. The games will be constantly updated of course. There are many other reviews you can read from the play store as well. It’s been a short time since the game has launched so it’s quite fresh and this can be the cool new thing you can tell your friends about in the near future.
If you have any suggestions you can probably email the developers to incorporate ideas that you may have into the game to spice things up even further. Overall a refreshingly fun game for us to play. The time waiting for your next flight or train can be really enjoyable with the new bus simulator racing. Click here to download from the play store.