Developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft Guild Wars 2 is an online multi-player game set in the fantasy world called Tyria.

The game centers around the re-emergence of a disbanded guild known as Destiny’s Edge who’s sole purpose is to fight dragons and other species whilst trying to seize control of Tyria itself.

The game is very unique compared to other online multi-player games in that the course of the game and its story line are highly dependent on player actions.

The game is free from subscription with only the initial purchase of the game itself required to play and already has an online community of over 400,000 concurrent players and has sold over 2 million copies to date.

Like many online multiplayer games there is also a currency within the game in the form of gw2 gold – this is a form of virtual currency used to barter and buy goods within the game from shops and also from other online players.

You can earn gold in Guild Wars to buy winning battles, you can purchase it at different stages in the online game but as is becoming more and more common with online games you can also buy gw2 gold safely from online stores in the real world. The way that it tends to work is that you purchase the virtual currency in real life from an online gw2 gold store and then after providing your player details the gold is delivered to your player inside the game.

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Lots of gw2 players purchase digital gold online in order to get further on in the game and its becoming a very common practice. Its crazy to think that virtual currencies could one day be almost as popular as real currencies but there is a real buzz around these in game currencies and the same of them in online stores is definitely a growing trend.