If you’re like most ambitious gamers, you probably aspire to become a pro and dominate the online gaming community.

If that’s you, then you probably already know the importance of having enough space while you’re gaming (especially for pc gamers).

You’re probably wondering, “what do I need space for, I’m moving only my fingers!”. By space, I mean space for your keyboard, mouse, monitor, desktop tower, and space for you to move freely.

Even if you’re only moving your fingers, you need a spacious environment to get in the zone, or else you’ll get stuck and frustrated if your knee keeps hitting something or your mouse only moves a few square inches.

The Perfect Gaming Table Setup

That’s why pro gamers take the time to purchase a gaming desk with enough space to handle the different components of their gaming setup, which leaves them just enough room to twist and turn to their heart’s content.

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If you’re planning on getting a gaming desk soon, I suggest you continue reading this article. It’ll provide you all the necessary information you need to choose the best gaming desks under 200 for your setup.

Let’s go!

  1. Material and Structure:

Just like regular office desks, Gaming desks are usually made with different materials and come in various structures and sizes.

The material most gaming desks are made of often depends on the price, market, style, and manufacture. Some are usually made of wood, metal, PVC, glass, particleboard, and some other weird material.

Although desks made of solid wood and metal are often cumbersome, they’re also amongst the most durable.

You should consider your budget and requirements before choosing any high quality material.

  1. Dimensions/size:

This might seem like an obvious thing to look for, but you’d be surprised at how many gamers often miss this part.

Before ordering a gaming desk off the internet, first consider its size; is it too big for your room, can it fit all your equipment (especially if you have multiple monitors), will there be enough space to accommodate your mouse and keyboard, etc.

These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you click the “purchase” button. It’ll be a shame to have to return it after waiting a few days to receive it.

  1. Accessibility options:

This feature is usually the reason why most pro gamers buy a gaming desk.

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Most desks come with a few compartments, small drawers, shelves, or round holes, where you can easily keep your gaming keyboard, pad, books, Cd’s, drinks, etc.

There’s a lot you can do with the extra spaces the desk provides; it all depends on your creativity.

  1. Max Weight Capacity:

Most times, you don’t need to worry about how much weight your table can handle because most gaming equipment’s aren’t heavy enough to overwhelm a table.

However, if you have something heavy to place on top of the table like a few bulky monitors, a large Mac, or some gigantic speakers, then it’s advisable to check the material the table’s made of and see what the maximum weight capacity is.

If you overwhelm your table with equipment that is beyond its capacity, the table will instantly snap in two like a broken skateboard, and you’ll be left with a broken table and a few possibly damaged equipment.

  1. Desk Layout:

Just take a look at the different gaming desks on the market, and you’ll see that most of them come in several different shapes and sizes.

That’s why you might need to take a good look at the layout of the gaming desk to determine whether it’s the perfect fit for you or not.

You could choose between buying a plain desk, or a desk with some extra compartments like speaker trays, slide-out keyboard holder, or drawers?

Remember, consider your budget and specs before placing your order.

  1. Usability:

Gamers are one of the very few creatures that can sit in one spot for hours without moving.

That’s why it’s best to get a gaming desk that’s not too high or weirdly shaped to encourage you to practice good sitting posture and avoid back and neck aches.

Trust me, an excellent gaming desk coupled with a good gaming chair can save yours from entering the world of physical therapists and chiropractors.

  1. Assembly:

If you’ve already thought of which desk to purchase, there’s one last step you need to go through before it looks like the one you saw in the product photo – you need to assemble the pieces.

When your gaming desk arrives, it’s not going to look like the way it is in the photo; it’s going to come in parts that you’ll have to put together by yourself.

The assembly process might seem like a piece of cake, but if you’ve never done it before and you purchase a high end table with a lot of complicated parts, you’re going to end up with a lot of work on your hands.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order the desk, though; the desk will probably come with an assembly manual, so you’re probably going to be okay.


So that wraps it up, a brief article to explain what you should look out for if you’re planning on buying a gaming desk. Now, you are more prepared than ever to navigate the world of gaming desks.

Having a comfortable desk to sit and play your games is one of the biggest investments any gamer can make if he’s serious about becoming a pro.

I’m sure that with the little “heads-up” I’ve given you in this article, you should already have a good idea of which gaming desk you’ll need to take your gaming to the next level.

You’re welcome.