Look me in the eye and tell me that you never played Super Mario Brothers as a child? It has to be one of the most icon games of the computer console era and almost everyone has heard of Mario the cartoon pipe repair man even if they have not played the games.

I for one remember being at school and having a “covert” version of the Mario brothers game saved inside of a Word document so as not to be detected by the IT staff (And the teachers of course).

And for years now I have been keeping an eye out for this games return – just because it was such a great game to play – and I have always wondered why it was not available for iOS or Android or any other phone – when mobile gaming has become so popular.

Well, low and behold, just when we thought all hope was lost, Nintendo have announced the upcoming release of Super Mario Brothers – a brand new revamped version of the old classic that is going to be launched in December 2016 for, and alongside, Apples new iPhone 7.

Investors are excited about the launch

I am excited myself and I am sure millions of other avid game players out there are going to be feeling the same. But the real sign of the likely popularity of this game comes from the investors. Since the announcement was made by Nintendo shares in the company have gone up more than 18%. This is a huge increase especially when you consider that the company were already on a fantastic high following from their launch of Pokémon Go earlier on this year.

Pokémon Go was a revolution in itself and although not likely to be as big a hit as Mario Brothers was back in its day, the game has really shaken up the industry bring a new arena to gameplay in the form of real life interactivity.

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The fact that Nintendo have re-entered the games market in this way, bringing this new type of gaming to the table coupled with the fact that they have been so successful in doing so makes the imminent release of a new Mario Brothers mobile app even more interesting. Perhaps they have bigger plans for this game and they might even try to do something similar to that which they have done with Pokémon Go. This news really could see the mobile gaming landscape changing in its entirety.

Nintendo haven’t missed a trick either – planning the release to fall in line with the new phone from Apple just makes it even more likely to be a tale of success. This is the ideal time for a game release because they will have the surge in new iPhone users to target their game at and they can also market it as being iPhone 7 compatible – making it likely to be one of the first, and most downloaded, games for the new device.