zero - numbers puzzle gameWe came across a very simple but highly addictive game recently called Zero. As described on the creators website the game is simply a numbers game and is all about testing your brain in order to see how quickly you can work out the numbers puzzle with the aim being to get all of the blocks to zero – hence the name.

The game was designed and developed by Manuel Stadler – a software engineer specializing in Android and iOS applications development.

The game is very easy to download and install if you have a smart phone running on either Android or iOS operating system environment.

If you are running an Android phone then you can download the app from the Android Play store here. If on the other hand you are an iphone user then you can download the app from the Apple iOS store here.

Once you have downloaded the app and waiting a few minutes for it to install you can then get stuck into the game itself. Simply start by launching the app and you will be presented with a couple of options – you can go into the settings to change things like the turning on or off of sound effects and a few other options or you can get straight to the game play by clicking on start.

the game itself focuses around a set of numbered tiles – each with a number that is equal to or greater than zero.

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The games start off with just a couple of tiles and as you advance through the levels the number of tiles on each game will gradually increase.

The idea of the game from this point onwards is to try and get all of the tiles to Zero (of course this is why the game is named as such).

The key to decreasing the tile numbers to zero lies in the surrounding tiles – simply tapping on any tile will cause all of the tiles that are touching it to decrease by 1. So for example if you have a tile in the center of 4 other tiles then pressing that center tile will cause each of the other 4 tiles to decrease their number by one, whilst the center tile stays on the same number that it was to start with.

This sounds very simple, but the complicating factor is that no tile can ever go below zero – so in the previous scenario for example, if one of those 4 adjacent tiles was already on zero before clicking the center tile then that having that tile decrease by 1 would give it a value of -1 in theory – this is not allowed and would cause the game to end in failure.

Instead you must take care to gradually reduce the tiles to zero whilst also taking care not to leave yourself in a situation where any other tile will ever be reduced below zero.

Once you get all of the tiles to zero you have completed the level and will move on to a harder setup for the next level – which normally involves higher numbers and more complex arrangements of tiles.

All said and done the game is simple in its nature but very addictive, and also very difficult. We recommend downloading it and giving it a try.