There are many companies providing GPS tracking solutions today but the GPS tracking company with arguably the largest feature set is GPSWOX.

GPSWOX is without a doubt one of the most powerful object tracking solutions on the market today whist at the same time being affordable as well as offering the ability for resellers to completely white label the product.

What is GPSWOX?

GPSWOX is a GPS tracking solution that allows the user to track all different types of objects ranging from vehicles to push bikes and even individual people.

These tracking services are provided in real time via an easy to use web app.

gps-trackingWho should use GPSWOX?

The software is ideally suited to companies that manage a fleet of vehicles or people and need to keep track of them daily. This could include many different types of companies such as:

  • Courier companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Road haulage companies
  • Cleaning companies
  • Any other service driven company with people or vehicles working away from the office

Why would someone need to use GPSWOX?

The key benefit of using a GPS tracking system such as GPSWOX is to provide granular and real time information on your vehicles, people, bikes and so on. Not only does this include the location of those objects but also much more detailed information such as speed, exact address, petrol consumption and travel history.

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This information gives companies a very accurate overview of how their staff are operating in terms of efficiency and productivity as well as providing a full audit trail of events both past and present.

GPSWOX key features

Whilst there are lots of companies out there providing these types of services none of them are providing as rich a feature set as GPSWOX. Here are just some of the key features that help GPSWOX to stand out above their competition:

  • Real time tracking – get an instant and real-time overview of all your tracked objects
  • Rich maps – choose from Google maps, satellite, OSM and other map overlays
  • Track additional information – track speed, exact address, fuel consumption and much more
  • Notifications – Get instant notifications such as speeding alerts or zone exits
  • Full history and reporting – get reports on the history of your objects in XLS, PDF and other formats
  • Fuel saving – Easily check your vehicles in terms of how economic they are with fuel and introduce tweaks to your driver training and best practices to save money
  • Mobile app – You can even track vehicles from your mobile using our apps for iPhone, Windows and Android

A modern approach to GPS tracking

These are just a few of the features that set GPSWOX apart from the competition but the bottom line is that they offer a modern approach to GPS tracking and this makes it not only easy for companies to keep track of your vehicles and their personnel but also provides an unprecedented level of information in an easy to read format that can have real benefits and allow companies to refine their day to day operations for the better.

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