Remember the movie where three students borrowed their dad’s car? I.e. a valuable Ferrari

They drove the expensive car without permission and left it under the supervision of a shady parking lot attendant who then took it out on a second joyriding episode.

If the owner had one of those reliable GPS vehicle tracking devices installed, then the joy-riding duration could have been limited and stopped before too much damage occurred to the valuable car. Although, the movie might not have been quite as interesting!

When you own a vehicle or a high performance sports car, you are always at risk that a mechanic, parking valet lot attendant or even a young, less experienced driver will want to take your vehicle without your permission.

If they have access to the keys, the car and they are not being supervised, then some less scrupulous people may succumb to the temptation and go for a quick joyride.

So, here’s how you can stop them…

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GPS vehicle tracking devices can be set to automatically notify you when your vehicle has left a specific geographic zone (area).

This may be your work car park, a public car park, the side of the street and of course your home garage.

You can set larger temporary zones at a hotel or mechanic’s office allowing them to move the vehicle within that zone without alerting you.

If the vehicle then breaches the zone, an automatic notification will be sent to your cell phone and a secondary phone owned by a family member, friend or work colleague as well.

Then you will be able to take action and track your car, following which you can remotely disable the vehicle’s electronics.

This prevents the joyrider from driving the car further and allows for quick recovery of the vehicle.

You can even remotely sound the alarm, wind up windows or lock the doors! Simply disable the vehicle using your cell phone.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the other side of the world, as long as you can send and receive SMS text messages, you can remotely manage the security of your vehicle.

Depending upon who took the vehicle (if you may know who that was) you can either contact the authorities, a towing company or recover the vehicle yourself.

In most cases, as a result of the automated notification, you can get your vehicle back with no or minimal damage.

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Of course, with no tracker installed, most car owners would have not any idea that their vehicle was being misused.

If in fact the local mechanic or valet misused your vehicle on a joyride then you have proof they did take your vehicle on a journey without your having a say in the decision.

Be warned!

Don’t risk having your vehicle lost or damaged because of joyriders or impounded due to speeding by your mechanic, valet or someone else who has access to your vehicle.

Protect your car with GPS vehicle tracking devices and you will be able to track your vehicle’s location and prevent unauthorized use.