Gun stocks are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In most cases, shotgun and rifle stocks are quite similar in function as well as shape. There are many guns which are utilized for competition purposes and have stocks with adaptable features. In this post, you will get helpful tips for refinishing a gun stock. Read on!

  • Preparation

Preparation of the gun stock is essential. Without the preparation, the finish of gun stock will not be nearly as durable and attractive as it should be.

  • Strip Tease

Obviously, the old finish of gun stock should be removed when refinishing it. Several people attack their butt and forearms stocks with sandpaper to reduce the old finish. However, in most cases, the sandpaper is completely WRONG thing to utilize for stripping the finish from the stock.  If we use a chemical stripper for this task, your work will go faster. Also, it enables you to do the job without affecting the wood stock which you want to preserve. Don’t try to use a wire brush as it may gouge and scratch your stock.  It does not matter whether the brush is designed with brass bristles or steel. You should follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer for the stripper you are using.

  • Sanding

After the stripping process, use sand very carefully on sharp corners. Try to use a sanding block everywhere on the gun stock.

  • Grades of sandpaper

You can sand the gun stock with excellent grades of sandpaper; just ensure that you remove all types of scratches which are caused by previous, rougher, paper.

  • Select a Finish

So, now you are ready to apply the finish which has to be selected carefully. Several suitable finishes like polyurethane may work on the stock gun.

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  • Apply the Finish

You would like to keep your coats adequately thin. To do so, you may want to use a toothbrush to do the job effectively.

  • Final Results

When you have done all the process, you may have a gun stock to be proud of. After refinishing your gun, it will seal against all weather inflicted atrocities to boot.

We hope the tips as mentioned above will be helpful for you. For gaining professional help with regards to refinishing services, you can visit – today. You shall not be disappointed with the results.