Carbon dioxide laser glass tubes are effective sources of the laser with flexible applications in the field of both small-scale and large-scale enterprises such as welding and designing. C02 laser glass tubes apply the technology of direct current to power its functional ability. Its application is basically in cutting and engraving fields of production.

These are the five major reasons why one should invest in C02 laser glass tubes.


  1. Lower priced compared to the others Co2 laser tubes


Carbon dioxide laser tubes exist in two major types. These include those that depend on direct current (DC) and those utilizing radio frequency (RF). The gases in the C02 laser tubes that utilize radio frequencies are contained in a metallic tube. Since glass production is way cheaper than metal production, carbon dioxide laser glass tubes are available at consumer-friendly prices. Radiofrequency laser tubes require the installation of a generator, unlike the direct current. An individual can save up to about 20% by buying direct current Co2 laser tubes compared to radio frequency laser tubes.


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  1. Cutting Performance


The cutting performance of DC vs RF laser tube is differentiated by the type of laser generation system. Acrylics have been used on both lasers to prove the difference. Carbon dioxide laser glass tubes produce a steady and continuous beam that enables the user to have ample and simple execution of work. On the other hand, radio frequency C02 laser tubes produce a pulsing beam that simultaneously goes on and off. The pulsing beam will lead to the production of altered parts of materials that might require redoing hence wasting time and money. Production of irregular products texture can lead to low sales


  1. Simple cooling mechanism for prolonged production


Carbon dioxide laser glass tubes are effective and efficient in the lengthy production of goods without overheating. Through the application of water cooling system, the laser glass can be operated even in sites with irregular higher temperatures of about 70-75 degrees. The water cooling regulates the temperatures in the tube enabling a steady production of the laser


  1. Adequate Hour Usage limits


Carbon dioxide glass tube lasers are available with adequate hours of usage standard limits guaranteed by the manufacturer. A glass tube laser possessing over 8,000 hours of usage is effective in enabling daily application in the production of good through ample working hours. One is able to select the specific number of hours depending on the work and required energy.


  1. Simplified maintainable and replicable parts


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Unlike sophisticated laser tubes like radio frequency, carbon dioxide laser glass tubes have been designed in a manner the user can ensure it is effectively maintained. This is cost effective as there are no complex procedures that require expert assistance hence saving money.

In conclusion, Carbon dioxide laser glass tubes are effective for investing in business through the numerous advantages it presents to the user. These include; lower and pocket-friendly prices compared to other laser tubes, effective cutting performance through steady beam production, simple water cooling mechanisms, adequate hour usage limits, and Simplified maintainable and replicable parts.